Story 07Dec2021: New Plans and Locations

Working backward to describe Tuesday, I finally fell asleep around 12:30ish as I had taken a nap in the early evening, and it was difficult to find sleep again. While I slept, there was a swarm of earthquakes in the ocean not far from the Oregon Coast. So far, nothing enough to do harm, but we are here on the Circle of Fire, and it is a potent reminder of why I put earthquake insurance on the house.

Before sleeping, I had read for a while more of Tegal Manor, a reworking of an old 1977 Dungeons and Dragons adventure into the current 5E version of D&D. I was feeling very cold and so climbed into bed and tried to feel better. I know it is a reaction to the day and stress. I do sleep for a few hours after nodding off.

Before this and maybe explaining how I could sleep so suddenly, I ordered Italian food from GrubHub in the evening. I had never heard of Pastaghetti before but decided to risk it. I got a salad (average) and an excellent pasta dish, Fettuccine Rustica. I ate this while re-watched Doctor Who’s last adventure of the Flux storyline on the TV. Unfortunately, it appears that I cannot buy the final episode for my Mac. Instead, you have to join AMC to get even access to it. This annoyed me. Maybe later I can buy it. One does wonder why you can buy the first four episodes on a season pass, but that does not include the final episode!

Moving earlier, I drove back in the dark and traffic after my appointment with the surgeon. Apparently, my colon cancer has not spread, and I am at stage 2 or 3. The doc told me that chemotherapy is done for stage 3 and is where the colon cancer has spread into the local lymph nodes. He further explained this cannot be determined until after surgery to remove the affected colon area and related lymph nodes. Thus, the doc gave me already filled out paperwork for surgery on the 21Dec2021 at 10:30 in Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. Apparently, the cancer is run-of-the-mill, and the doc is sure I will recover.

I was an hour plus early for my appointment, not knowing how long the drive would be I gave myself extra time. I parked in the hostital parking garage finding a spot in the basement level. I then went to Starbucks and had a coffee and a slice of lemon cake, a fav, while I waited a bit and serfed on the Internet.

There a gentleman asked me if I knew the date, and I said it was the 80th Pearl Harbor Day. We chatted abit about war movies he liked.

Before this, I drove from Forest Grove to Portland. Susie is now in the Forest Grove Rehab Center. She was transferred there in a wheelchair van while I drove Air Volvo using nav, the balloons stuffed in my car, trying to find my way. Forest Grove has no highway access, so my driving is all stop lights and trying to spot the constantly changing speed zones.

I stop by Sonics and have a Chicago Dog-styled hotdog on my way back to Portland. A sign says to be nice to the folks who did show up to work today, and I am. I love hotdogs, and this one does not disappoint. There is almost more dill pickle than dog! Perfect.

Refocusing on the Rehab Center, the place is newish and busy but smells of urine. Susie is tucked into a bed with food for lunch ready for her. She is exhausted and just falls to sleep. Susie is in room 15A, a shared room. I bring in the ballons to brighten up her room.

The place is chaotic. I try to find someone to ask if they need anything from me (like money for a co-pay), but nobody knows what to tell me. Usually, it takes me a day or two to understand a place. This one might take longer. Forest Grove Rehab did not feel unsafe or unprofessional, just busy.

Before this, I am at the hospital waiting with Susie for the big move. She has a breakfast tray and a new nurse, Mary, but does not eat much. Susie is alert and knows that she is moving today and is nervous. Before you know it, Susie is out of bed being cleaned up by Mary and set in a transfer wheelchair. Of course, now I am told they do not move Susie’s wheelchair or her ballons she has collected over the weeks. So I tie the ballons to our red wheelchair and head out with the orchid too to Air Volvo. I packed the ballons and wheelchair and plant into the car. I head out for my hour-long drive to Forest Grove and arrive just a few minutes after Susie gets there at the new nursing home.

Moving to the morning, I got a call from the case manager at the hospital, Michelle, informing me that Susie is being moved today at 11AM. I was already rushing, so I left sooner.

Starting, I managed to get going at 6:30 and do the usual things early to leave early. Jeff is also at the house early as he wants to leave before dark. He plans to tile the next wall in the shower.

It was a busy day with me driving Air Volvo for hours. It will be strange to start at a new place and go to Forest Grove. The date of surgery is later than I wanted; I wanted ASAP. But we will make it work.

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