Story 08Dec2021: Back to boring

The day started with me getting going at 6:30 as usual. I woke, as usual, minutes before my alarm. I was less rushed as the day had no real plan. I had breakfast and coffee and then started on the blog for yesterday.

Jeff had another wall done in the shower and ran late as I did not see him until I returned home. He would not quite finish the last wall in the shower today as it has a seat and requires him to cut tile, a time-consuming process, to make it work.

The drive to Forest Grove took no time at all. I was there at 9:30ish, and after answering all the questions about my Covid-19 status and having my temperature taken, I could see Susie in room 15A. Sue was still in bed; she would remain in bed all day except for therapy.

Susie’s poinsettia from her Aunt Joyce.

The CNA takes care of the patients here, and Maria was very attentive. Susie was still not eating well. She was mainly drinking shakes. The CNA was trying to get Susie to eat more.

The physical and occupational therapy folks came. I stepped out as Susie often looks for me to answer questions, and I think it best for the PT and OT evaluate her while I am not there. According to the PT and OT folks, Susie cannot stand independently, and her speech and cognitive levels were low.

I stepped out for lunch. We agreed that Maria and friends would start lunch for Susie, and I would help when I got back. I drove the McMenamin’s Grand Lodge. This retirement complex for the Masons was turned into a hotel, spa, theater, and restaurant center. Susie and I had our 25th Wedding Anniversary there. I had a Captain Neon burger in the restaurant in the main building; the burger comes with locally made blue cheese and bacon, with salad and, sadly, water–they make their own beer, but it is best to not return to the nursing home smelling of beer.

I returned to the nursing home and found Susie alone with her tray. I cut up the very thin pork chop (no bone) and started helping her. A student CNA was then tasked with supervising Susie’s lunch. We took turns helping Susie. In the end, Susie had only about 20% of her lunch. Maria and I got permission for the kitchen to make ice cream shakes for Susie with Ensure. While drinking, Susie did not cough or choke, an improvement.

Susie was tired and took a nap and then was cleaned up and then let to sleep some more. I left at 3:45ish as I was nodding off too. The drive back in Air Volvo was uneventful for most of the trip, and I did try to watch all the speed zone signs. I would not like to fund any local governments by paying for a speeding ticket.

Oddly, on 209th within walking distance of the Volvo Cave, a red car pulled out and nearly added red paint color to the Volvo. Unfortunately, they managed to pull out at an angle, and none of the safety equipment reacted, but I saw them and stopped in time.

When I parked the car, Jeff was still working and grumbled that he would have finished the wall if he had got to work before 9ish. However, he did manage to almost finish the shower tiling.

I ordered spaghetti and meatballs from the same place as yesterday, Pastaghetti, delivered by GrubHub. It was good, but not great. The portion size was huge, but I was hungry (?!) and ate it.

I was happy to get an email that my episode for Doctor Who was available for download. So it was included in my season pass. But it is also the last episode until the year-end special, so sadly no more new episodes of Doctor Who for a while.

After watching the episode for the third time while eating spaghetti, but the first time without commercials, I did like it now. I think the writers are making no pauses in the story to allow for commercials, and thus the commercials spoil the tension. But, again, being an old Doctor Who fan, I like the episodal approach and the lack of breaks for commercials, old school BBC.

I tried to read and relax but was just uncomfortable and out of sorts. I want to do so many things, but nothing can really be started in the current situation. Finally, I decided to read something. The Thin Man is playing at the Portland Hollywood Theater, and I have a copy of the book. I forgot how fun that story is, and that helped me forget the world for a while and find my way back to roaring 1929, before the crash. Yes, that is what I needed: Dashiell Hammett.

I managed to finally fall asleep around 1ish.

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