Story 09Dec2021: Going Slow

The morning started with me sleeping until 7ish. I was tired when I got started. I have anemia from bleeding, and it was impacting me on Thursday. I managed to get going in the morning, but I had issues keeping going.

That morning, I read emails, the news and made coffee. I needed to pick up some breakfast food one of these days, but I managed to leave around 9ish and make it to Forest Grove by 9:30. I had forgotten my bag with my computer and other things I always carry. I also had not taken my meds. It was a tough start.

Susie had her tray of breakfast food still. There was nobody there to help her. I spent the next 90 minutes or so helping Susie get some food. It also appeared some other items were not getting done. I told the CNA that they were missing some essential items and the head nurse then came to me. I explained that Susie previously was not allowed to eat alone; she could aspirate and that unless there had been a change in her status, this needed to be done. The nurse said she would check the chart and make corrections as needed.

Susie had Physical Therapy once I had my chat with the head nurse, Pre, and I left as I am usually a distraction as Susie often expects me to answer questions. She should do that on her own for PT. Susie was transferred to a wheelchair and went off to the gym.

The PT person, Erica, said Susie did three stand-ups, and Susie was trying very hard. Susie standing is close to a miracle as it comes.

On her return to room 15A, we both saw a note posted on the wall about someone always being with Susie for eating. Better.

Then total chaos! Susie was moved to room 44A. This is a rehab room with lovely windows and furniture and is shared. I knew that the facility had locked part of the building for Covid-19, but I was OK with being there. Now, the cleaning and restart of the rehab wing happened, and Susie is now where she should be.

Note: there was a Covid-19 victim next door to Susie in Legacy Good Samaritan. The Covid-19 lockdown has ended at the Forest Grove Rehab wing. Hand washing and compliance to process is not just an abstract concept for me; it is about making it to the next week alive!

I help move Susie to the new room. Then, I carry the balloons to yet-another-room. Susie is a bit confused, plus the PT has really worn her down.

Linda Wild (Rose) and Barb Wild sent Susie a gift, a Gryffindor sweater. Susie loves it and has me put it on her.

I am tired. I have the nurses hunt for Susie’s lunch. The new room assignments have messed up lunch, and the nurses will have to search for her lunch. I remind them it cannot be fish. I wait until 1ish, but the tray still has not come. Our new CNA, yes we had three today, promises me that she will find it and that it is not fish but chicken. And, yes, we will feed her, she promises me.

I leave as I am fatigued, do not have my computer, have not taken my meds, and have tasks at home that need to be done during regular biz hours. I drive Air Volvo, mostly maintaining a legal speed and stopping for all the lights without incident. The speeds vary from 20 for schools running, to 30 and 35 (!?), and 40 and 45 (!?). It is difficult to notice that 45 went to 30 and back to 40 in one three-mile section. I have heard that the locals will give you a ticket for 5 over.

Jeff is back at the bathroom and finishes the tiling. He also does the wall finishing today. Just a few more days of work. As he took out the old light fixture, a photo would not show much, so no pictures until finished.

I take Corwin, who is up to lunch. I have lamb kabobs that leave me too stuffed, and I will not feel well for the rest of the day. My bleeding is much worse, and my colon cancer seems to want to take a few last chances to make me know it is there. Thusly, I move from fatigued to exhaust with a headache.

I take a short nap and then drive Corwin to work. I then take Air Volvo to Beaverton and get the cash to pay Jeff and for some Christmas gifts. For Christmas, money always fits and is better for younger folks as they know what they want. I also get an Rx filled.

Dinner is just some corn chips and nuts. I am too tired to order, and various moments, best not included here, suggest I just wait and switch to less food.

I read some more of The Thin Man and fell asleep a few times. I do finish my laundry between napping. I forgot how fun this book is set in pre-cash 1929 NYC.

I did get a copy of the Daily Lurker, the newspaper-like guide to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Unfortunately, the guides were not ready on October 5, 2021, for the in-person festival I went to before the trip to New York City. I would have been happier to have seen this and maybe signed a few at the in-person festival, but at least it looks fantastic.

There is a crazy movement in writing that less is more. I wrote a horror story that followed the Mythos in less than 500 words; I won the contest.

I managed to sleep about midnight taking Benadryl to help with the allergy reactions. I take 1/2 of one to prevent the hangover from the drug.


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