Story 10Dec2021: Another Uninteresting Day

Sorry if this sounds more like an outline, but it was an almost typical day.

I started the day at 6:30 as usual. Meaning that I wake up 30 minutes early and then fall back to sleep minutes before my alarm goes off.

I managed to make coffee and get started on the blog without much trouble. I am feeling better this morning, but my coughing begins again. I use my inhaler, and that seems to help.

This time I managed to remember my bag with my computer in it. I took my meds too. Air Volvo and I make it to Forest Grove in the rain without incident. I stopped by McDonald’s in Forest Grove to get an Egg McMuffin meal with a small coffee.

I remember that Susie is now in 44A after doing the Convid-19 ritual at the front door. It is a new person and all day I will meet new people. Apparently, the change to the Rehab wing means new people. We did keep the nurse Pre who checks with us. She puts up a new sign that Susie’s teeth should be brushed after each meal. Better.

According to the CNA, Susie is a bit more tired today and had breakfast that mainly was yogurt. They know me now and fill me in.

Susie has Physical Therapy today. One guy pivots her into a wheelchair and takes her to the gym. There I am told they manage a few steps. These are the first steps since the stroke in November.

Susie is visibly tired but sits in the wheelchair for the rest of the morning. One CNA takes Susie to be weighed in the wheelchair, and another later takes the empty wheelchair to weigh it. It is still a bit chaotic.

Susie is cleaned-up and put back in bed, and naps. I check that they have Susie’s tray before I leave and that she got a grilled cheese and not the fish.

I head out for a break. Mariah lives just a few miles away, so we meet at the Blackdog bar, known for its barbeque. We split a 1 pound plate of brisket. The food comes on two prepared dishes to make it easy for everyone. Mariah agreed that she would help me organize the visits for Susie when I am in the hospital and recovering. She will also report to Leta, Susie’s mother, what happens with Susie.

We split the dessert. A rather massive slice of a really uninteresting chocolate cake. The frosting has chocolate chips that are wax-like. Blackdog gets good marks for brisket and mashed potatoes, but dessert was a total fail.

Susie’s lunch is over when I get there. She had some of the grilled cheese.

Susie’s blood pressure is good, but her heart rate is back up to 110. I think she is dehydrated and also on new drugs. I ask the CNA to get Susie water for dinner to help.

I head out with a headache at 3:30ish as I have details to take care of at the house.

On the way out, I talk to Dan, the administrator for the nursing home, about our situation. I need to give them a letter explaining it all to be aligned. I am worried that they will discharge Susie before or after my surgery.

I drive Air Volvo home trying to follow the ever-changing speed limits. Mostly, I am not speeding much. Next stop, RiteAid.

I manage to pick up my prescriptions, including antibiotics I need to take before surgery. Then, I get gas and get the car washed. In Oregon, you wash the vehicle when it is raining to get the dirt off of it, so the windshield is clear. Clean windshields are essential in a place that rains for six months a year.

It is a standard gray Oregon winter day. Rain and Oregon mist.

At Home, I am not interested in ordering out. I have a salad I ordered from Dominos still in the frig. I fry up two frozen hamburger patties on the stove and have that with the salad that I dress up with shelled sunflower seeds.

I call Jatinder as he sent me a nice note. We work together at the shoe company and I wanted to just say “hi.” It is always good to hear from the MDG team inside of the Core ERP group.

I also got a electronic card that was signed by folks from Nike. I did cry a bit as it went on and on with notes from people including one from Raj offering to help as long as it was not some “Python scipt.” It was very kind.

Jenny, also from Nike and the Core ERP group, is messaging me offering me help and food. I am trying to get organized enough to have help. I spend most of my days sitting in the nursing home. When the surgery comes I will need help. So I will try to get organized.

I also copied my scary micro fiction story text to a rely on Facebook and sent Marianna a copy as reply to her email. If anyone wants a copy I will send them the text. Even thought the story was published by the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, I retain the ownership so I can share it.

The new season of The Expanse is available to watch. This is a space opera based in the future, and this is season six, the final season. It has been more than a year since I last watched it, it is hard for me to remember all the details and characters. However, the show is still impressive.

I reread my horror/comedy fictional story about Howard and his lockdown. I like to retell my own story through Howard and make-up new reasons for things happening. I find one typo. I can never understand how there is always one more typo.

I finally head to bed and try to read. The headache just crushes me. Off to get Tylenol and Benedryl, and sleep comes instead of reading.

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