Story 12Dec2021: Harder Day

The day started with me up at 6:30 as usual. I hate getting up early on Sunday. I still remember when I used to get up late with Susie in the 1990s when we lived in Maryland and drove down to Georgetown in DC and find breakfast there and do some shopping. Susie found some very lovely clothing there over the years. I love Oregon, but I do miss DC somedays.

I managed to remember everything this morning and get to Susie by about 9:30. I even managed to get breakfast at McDonald’s. I used the one in Hillsboro with a fountain designed like tidal pools.

Susie was looking tired and worn-out. I learned that Susie was up and dressed and had breakfast at the table with the nurses. The nurses also reported normal vitals to me for the morning.

Susie was drinking water and still having trouble speaking. We called Leta and Susie had difficulty being understood. I had her vitals checked, and her blood pressure was low, and her heart was racing to 116 while in bed resting. The doctors are back on Monday, and I asked the nurses to alert the doctors to the issue.

Susie had no pain and was comfortable. I got a TV remote from the nurses, went out to Air Volvo, and got a screwdriver–I have a toolbox in the car, opened it, and replaced the batteries. I put on horse racing; Susie loves to watch the racing.

I stepped out for lunch and had a tuna fish sandwich at Subway. I also wrote final wishes for Susie and I and related notes for Leta and Barb, which I genuinely hope we will not need soon.

We found ice skating on the TV, and Susie was fascinated as usual by ice skating. I could hear her saying the name of the jump and how good it was while she watched.

Anne and Wayne Weld-Martin came to visit and managed to get to Susie’s room after going through the entrance ritual. They had called me earlier, so I had two chairs ready for them. They brought Susie some warm socks and a book and chatted with her. Susie had fallen asleep during the ice skating and was a bit sleepy. We prayed, and they left.

Susie and I said good night. I head out usually at 3 or 4 in the afternoon to have some part of the day left when I get home. So I took a break and a short nap.

I met Michelle, David Smith, and Mariah for Indian Food at Swaggart’s. I brought a bit of the leftover home. We chatted about NYC and food and had an excellent time.

Later, David and Michelle sent me a video of the snowstorm on Bald Peak Mountain; I call their Bald Peak home Smith Mountain. It is snowy up there!

Dan Gray brought me some old gaming stuff from a friend of his who passed. It is 1970s stuff. Some are orginals and never opened.

Zeriada brought over a lot of frozen soups for me that I think I will need soon. Zerida will likely visit Susie on Tuesday for a mini-spa treatment.

I have to rush in the morning to see Susie early as I have a noon pre-operation appointment with the medical folk in Portland. So I wrote the blog tonight to leave early on Monday.

I also updated my work time off, calendar, out-of-office message and made a new leave request for my cancer surgery and recovery. Busy, busy…

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