Story 19Dec2021: Sunday

I started the day at 7ish as I was too tired to begin at 6:30, and it always gives you a feeling of control when you decide to sleep in a few extra minutes. Today, Sunday, is the beginning of my prep for surgery on Tuesday, two days out.

I manage to do all the normal things, and the new shower is working better with the shower curtain inside, no water on the floor. I will buy the rubber strip later to make it easier to use.

I managed to get to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center about 10:15ish and ate my McDonald’s breakfast in the car. Then, I took my coffee in with me, my last coffee with cream for a while.

Forest Grove had a light white color from the snow that had not entirely melted on the grass and bushes. The snow gave the air a damp but nice holiday feeling.

Susie was dressed and back in bed. She was in hew clothing from yesterday and had apparently eaten again at the table and then went back to bed. Susie was a bit restless and tried to speak a few times. Finally, she can get out one or three words. However, the right side of her mouth cannot form the words.

She missed me; she let me know and that she could not find me. I tried to reassure her. We called Leta, and that helped her to be more comfortable. I also brought a Christmas card from an old friend, Harvey, and read the message to her. That made her very happy to hear from her old friend in Denver.

I stepped out for lunch. I drove around and even got lost in the tiny place, Forest Grove. Mariah recommended a Sushi place, but it was closed. I finally decided on soup as I have all the surgery prep coming up on Monday and thus returned to the Grand Lodge Iron Grill. The service was terrible, but the soup was good. Unfortunately, they are still using manual credit card processing after weeks after a Ransomeware attack that is now in the press.

I spoke to a retired Pan Am guy who used to work with their computers in the 1970s. We both talked about the old days and how the same problems still happen today, poor backup planning, for example (looking at the manual steps at the bar).

I returned to the facility, and Susie was tired but still trying to talk a lot. Mostly about not finding me (again) and being sorry for causing the trouble. Susie also remarked that she was not getting better.

Susie’s blood pressure was low. I talked to the nurses about that, and they said they would speak to the doc. Susie wants no more IVs; she was clear about that and trips to the ER. No ER.

Anne Weld-Martin visited and gave Susie a Christmas bell to wear. She chatted with Susie a bit, and Susie was happy to have someone else to talk with. A prayer was said.

I left just after Anne. I had more items to get for the prep and some other things. So I kissed Susie goodbye at 3:15ish. It is always heartbreaking to leave.

I managed to get my focus back while driving Air Volvo, dodging some insane driving here and there. I am not sure what the holiday season has done to people’s nerves, but their driving suggests everyone needs a time-out!

The folks at Safeway, who know me after 20 years of buying here, wished me well. I only get in once in a while as I try to order groceries on the Safeway website. They were happy to see me, and I donated $10 to Safeway’s fund for helping folks in the holidays.

When Air Volvo and I finally got to the Volvo Cave (home), I gave Corwin a new Monopoly game, Star Wars Baby Voda version. I found it in Safeway and had to get it for him. He loved it–it is the way!

Corwin ordered Chinese delivered for two even before I got home. I wrote and distributed more memos on my surgery and visiting Susie. I also stripped the bed and washed all the sheets. Clean sheets and special bathing instructions are now to be implemented. I had “beef soup,” which was like an egg drop soup with bits of beef and cilantro–not bad. I broke my early adherence to clean liquids and shared in on some noodles with shrimp (stupidly spicy–but edible) and some dumplings like pork items. I at least stuck to protein focus before surgery.

We consumed this fine dinner for two while watching two more episodes of “The Witcher,” which keeps getting better and better. This time there were a lot of naked folks, but it seemed to fit the story. At least, that is what I told myself. The lead witcher character did a fantastic stunt killing a boss monster. Corwin and I almost did golf clamps for the one.

I tried to pick up the board games stacked on the floor. The attempt failed when Ankh, an expensive game in new super slippery high-quality boxes, just poured out of the shelf and broke my lap. Eye-rolls.

I then headed to bed, remaking the bed, following special night bathing requirements, and using only newly washed towels. To quote the Disney show, “It is the way.”

The two cups of tea did make it harder to sleep, but I did manage to sleep by midnight with a few times of reading Brothers Cabel. The story freely mixes material, including zombie attacks, Lovecraft monsters, and James Bond. But it is actually working this time. Sometimes, the author was too formulaic and predictable in the early books, but this works. Indeed, a bit impressive.

I am asleep with the phone next to me. I am worried about Susie.

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