Story Monday 20Dec2021: Day Before

It is the day of my surgery when I write this. As usual, I have had an unpleasant experience doing the prep with the antibiotics, making me throw up a few times. So this will likely be more like an outline today as it is hard to focus on yesterday.

The morning started with me waiting until 7ish to get started. I had a slightly different morning process as some of the pre for surgery begins on Monday. Breakfast was chicken broth, and I had followed the bathing directions.

I found some clothing for Susie and a dreamcatcher from the Native Indian tribe that Susie helps fund care for their kids in South Dakota. Then, I headed out in Air Volvo early as I would leave towards noon to start more prep for surgery.

Susie appears to have had a stroke a few days ago. She struggles to talk with her right side not working as well as before. I spoke to the speech therapist, and she can see the new change too. Susie was changed to pureed food by the RN  as Susie cannot chew.

She was happy to see me when I was there. She was dressed and had already had breakfast. She mainly had drinks, and her choking issue is back, so drinks must be done with care.

Susie was happy to see me, and when Zoraida came later in the morning, her eyes lighted up. Susie had only a few swallows of soup from Zoraida.

Susie is holding the dreamcatcher and wearing a Nike Military support t-shirt.

I taped up my information on my surgery on a wall in Susie’s room and gave a copy to put in Susie’s chart. Then, I kissed Susie and told her I would be gone for a while and try to return for Christmas.

Air Volvo took me home. I am not sure I actually drove or flew home as the emotions were out of control. However, I managed to find my focus and enjoyed another meal of just chicken broth when home.

Now the focus was the prep. I mixed the bowel prep and refrigerated that. I tried to rest a bit and read, but 3PM came soon. Drinking bowel prep every twenty minutes for two hours.

Things began to work about the same time as taking the antibiotics. Within an hour of the antibiotics, I was throwing up the last load of Gateraid mix. Of course, I had a popsicle with the drugs to help keep them down, but that was just a flavor for the unpleasant events.

I continued with the process. I watched the insane movie Red Alert on Netflicks while experiencing the process. I used the pause button a lot. Not sure I could recommend Red Alert, but it was fun.

The process finally calmed about 1ish, but I did thow up again after the second set of antibotics, and I did my bathing prep in the new shower.

I spoke to many folks all day, received emails and texts, and did not feel alone. I finally got to sleep after 1:30ish and fell asleep.

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