Story 21-22-23Dec2021: Oh my!

I am well and recovering, but I am still on painkillers, and computers are a lot harder to use and type on today–this will be short. Susie is not able to eat and drink. She has agreed to a simple small needle for fluids. I understand she is doing a bit better.

My adventures have improved today as the gas issue (no details will be provided) has passed. Yup. Finally, I can get some sleep, but I am very fuzzy from the cocktail of pain killers and other helpers.

My pain levels are good. And I have moved to solid food.

While I was enjoying the gas issue (no sleep for 28 hours), folks visited Susie, which kept Susie happy. I was able to talk and even Facetime with Susie.

I can walk, have just one IV left, and it is used for meds, not drips–No Pole anymore. I was polling dancing a lot yesterday. I am tired and fuzzy, but I can function.

Also, I no longer have to use the restroom every hour or more often. Last night was an endless party. I can even do this as a solo party.

Returning to the beginning, the surgery went as expected, and the hernia is also repaired and is more painful than the rest. I was warned about that. Doc ordered me a corset-like device to wrap around my center to help my recovery.

Sorry, today’s writing is not a narration. And that it is so short.

I may head home on Friday. That will bring new challenges. But I have lots of folks who want to help. I have a restricted diet: Low Fiber/Soft Diet. Sushi appears on the list, as does Indian food (no lentils)! I also see that white bread is allowed. I have done some interesting reading on Japanese-styled milk bread, and I have all that flour and might want to try something. Hmmm.

I would, of course, accept food from others

Thank you all for following along.

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