Story 25Dec2021: Christmas 2021

I slept poorly and was up early at 7ish to get ready to face the new world with my post-surgery person. I was also hopeful that I was able to see Susie this Christmas Saturday. So I tried to go a bit slow and had a lighter breakfast of canned peaches and yogurt. So this would be lunch/breakfast for me.

The pain mostly in one place is controlled, and I was able to write the Christmas Eve blog, do emails, and be productive that morning.

I managed to dress after a shower and wound care. But, I was then tired. It is tough to get ready and then be done for the day. I managed to rally. Zoraida and I had planned this weeks ago, and we wanted to see Susie on Christmas Day.

So Les and Zoraida, in their Air Volvo (XC 60), picked me up, granted me the passenger seat, which I managed without too much discomfort. However, the right side incision can be painful and oddly feels more like a burn than a sharp pain can be awoken by standing up and sitting down. So I try to limit those movement options.

We reached the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center room 44A without issue. Susie was happy to see me, and I was so delighted that we managed to have another Christmas, every so short together; it took weeks of planning. So all we wanted was to be together on Christmas 2021, and that single goal was reached. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Back to the house via Hopkins’s Air Volvo! Rest and pain killers. I am asleep soon.

I planned the evening dinner. I got a bag of dried pasta and a bottled sauce from Elephant’s Deli in  Portland. Water boiling and pasta made. I also make a pork chop (frozen from Schwann’s defrosted in the pasta water) fried in light butter with a few spices. Perfect.

I finished a movie, Suicide Squad 2; I started on Christmas Eve and went to bed. Unfortunately, sleep is hard to find. Skin issues still.

I am so happy to reach Christmas 2021 with Susie. Thank you for all your support!

Sorry, this blog is so late. I am fatigued, and all the events are calling in their markers. I need to rest now.


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