Story 26Dec2021: Boxing Day 2021

It was a more challenging day now that the healing had started. I also decided I needed to stay home and rest a bit. So I slept into 8ish and did not write the blog until much later in the day.

I will update here that I got the pathology reports, and it looks like the colon cancer had invaded three lymph nodes out of the 35 taken. The tumor was significant and obvious life-threatening and needed to go. I will meet with the docs next year on the care options. It is mostly a very, well, to me, interesting statical model of care vs. risk vs. treatment (and risk of therapy) that must now be explored. It will be comforting to me to see the numbers.

It is a Sunday, so there is little in calls and medical planning. Susie has no visitors today as some folks are exposed to Covid-19, and we have snow.

I spend the day feeling off and trying to just find my way. I have a slow breakfast-lunch of canned peaches and yogurt. I watched the Dan Brown Angels and Devils movie on my Apple. I also discovered that the mic has failed when doing a Zoom meeting with the church folks; I am part of a small group that meets after service. So I did not attend the snow-reduced service. I understand that about sixty folks did attend for Christmas Eve–a record for these Covid times. Everyone is masked, and most keep social distances (it is hard to resist seeing a friend missed for two years now).

The pain is controlled, and I am careful to take my meds on time, with painkillers and anti-inflammatories being taken together every six hours (I usually wake near 4AM for the night dose).

I dress late, and it requires care and wound care. It wears me out. I rest and nap a bit, and the snow starts while I sleep. I then finally wrote the Christmas 2021 blog. A few tears.

Dinner is Grubhub Italian from Pastaghetti ordering chicken parmigiana for myself with spaghetti in a marinara sauce. I am surprised at how hungry I am.

The Expanse is in its last season, and I do enjoy the show. I am behind two episodes, so I watch those while eating dinner.

I dress for bed, slightly complex due to the skin issues and the drain. Details are best left out. I finally slept about 4ish.

1 thought on “Story 26Dec2021: Boxing Day 2021”

  1. Your blog today recalls the huge abdominal tumor (my oncologist said it was a BUS!) removed 15 years ago. There was a lot of exhaustion. Not outright pain, like you have said, but such a feeling of total unwellness. My doc told me it was no wonder because he had to move my organs and such around a lot. I remember just sitting in my recliner and reading through a whole stack of books a co-worker had loaned me. Well, anyway, radiation followed and then chemo. Right after chemo, I got C-Diff (horrible colon infection) which is another story.


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