Review 27-28Dec2021: Red Alart (Alert)

I was too tired the last two days to blog. It takes a lot to spend 90 minutes writing and thinking while being clear and keeping the reader’s interest. So forgive me for skipping the last two days. Instead, I will just hit a few memories from these last two days.

Actually, Monday was a tranquil day with me just taking it very slow and trying not to have anything go wrong. I find getting showered and dressed with wound care makes me tired. So I delayed that until after 4PM. I am never that late getting dressed, but it seemed the right thing to do on Monday.

The Smith contacted me on Monday, and we used Disney’s watchgroup and phones to share the experience of the movie Enchanto. Kat is here in Oregon, staying with her parents’ home for the holidays. So we had a professional artist with us in our virtual shared experience.

Enchanto is a south-of-the-border modern fairy tale about a family that is saved by a miracle. They are given a magical candle that creates for them a magic house and hidden valley that protects them. Each family member is given a gift and a magical room. The music and art are bright. However, there are a few sadder songs that I just loved, one a whispered that is slight but powerful.

We liked it, but David did point out that the thread of the story gets lost near the end. A song then explores the ending and brings the movie back, but I agree with David it was a fumble, but the game was not lost. I will not flash any spoilers and recommend you enjoy the movie, especially the slower songs.

Changing subjects, I am reading the book Rev. Wolff sent me. I have read it on my Kindle before, but I thought I should try it again since I had a copy. The author freely, often too freely for my tastes, mixes H.P. Lovecraft horror and the Sherlock Holmes gas-light times. Holmes and Watson are presented as darker, more troubled versions of Doyle’s characters. Last time, being a fan of Holmes, I did not like the rewrite of Holmes–but now, re-reading it, I can see it works better than I thought. So I am more forgiving of The Cthulhu Casebooks – Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows, the second read. Thanks, Lord Protector Wolff.

The snow on Monday prevented anyone from seeing Susie. I did call to check that she was OK. I always have my phone nearby.

Tuesday was a hard day. I was picked up by Les Hopkins in their silver Air Volvo and headed to Portland. I was already tired from dressing, wound care, and all that. We left early because of the weather and arrived an hour earlier. We parked on the street using the Parking Kittie app available in Portland. It is a well-put-together app that lets you buy parking with great ease. However, you are limited to four hours in one spot.

We walked two blocks to Starbucks near the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital campus and had coffee, and I had a tiny scone. We chatted until it was time for my appointment. Les waited in his Air Volvo while I headed to the docs.

The doc was on call, and my appointment overran the unscheduled events. I waited an hour. The drain was removed, with there are no issues. Just the application of a heating pad was recommended.

Les gets me home, and I rest. I am almost staggering. I take a nap and read some more. The book is hard to put down, even when I know what will happen.

Dinner is provided by Rajesh from Nike. He and Jenny arranged for delivery; I have lemon rice and coconut rice for dinner. It was terrific, and I overate.

I have some challenges that are best not described here. I am fatigued when Cowin and I watch one of his favorite Japanese 1980s animated SciFi, Appleseed. The show is voiced over in English but was initially done in Japanese; oddly, the setting is a futuristic English-speaking city (?). So when the computer screen flashes a warning, it is spelled “Red Alart.” So that is a new thing, “it is a ‘Red Alart’,” is a new saying here.

I slept the moment the light went out, no “Red Alart” all night.

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