Review 29-30Dec2021: Resting

Today no story as I am tired again. I have spent Wednesday and Thursday not doing much and still being tired.

Zoraida visited Susie on Wednesday, and then we connected by FaceTime. Susie is looking better and managing a few words. I called the nurses on Thursday, and Susie had a busy day getting up and moved to the dining table twice.

After ten, I get up late; I don’t dress until near 4PM as I do not want to burn up all my strength in the morning. I overdid it a few times. I am now trying to go slow and let the healing happen. It is boring.

I have found a new channel on YouTube, Armchair Historian, that seems to do an excellent job on WW2 items, an exciting mix of graphics and voice-over. I also found some more Nerd of the Rings items too. Recommended reading or really a library for the Tolkien fan. The channel did strongly recommend the somewhat recently published The Children of Hurin, and I remember having trouble putting that down on a plane. I would recommend it if you have not read it and liked Lord of the Rings or just need a bit more Middle Earth after enjoying the movies.

Yesterday Ingrid, now retired from Nike, sent me dinner from GrubHub. That was very kind of her.

Dan Gray brought some cookies and other goodies today.

Rajesh, from Nike, dropped off some more wound care items for me.

I watched the rest of the show Hawkeye on Disney+ and cannot recommend this Marvel special more. Set in New York City now for Christmas, it was better than some recent movies, and seeing NYC again and reading the signs behind the actors to see where they are was a treat. Again, recommended.

I also watched Into The Woods. While well done, I would skip it.

I finished the Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft mash-up book. It is a page-turner for me, I thought it better this time, but I will not likely do the following two books anytime soon. So I am instead trying another book by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Certain Dark Things (English).

I sit in my chair, usually Susie’s, and rest. I fatigue easily. My thinking is better but still not near the top of my game, so less writing and more naps.

The blogger Violet Blue sent me a nice note today (@violetblue). I have followed her for a few years now. I discovered her just as we entered the pandemic and have been a Patreon support. She may not be your cup of tea, but I keep up with her and life in San Francisco these last few years of chaos.

Sorry if this is just lists. I wanted to write something tonight and hope I will be more awake soon.

2 thoughts on “Review 29-30Dec2021: Resting”

  1. Mike, it’s really important to let yourself rest. I don’t know how long I sat in my recliner and just read through a stack of books trying to let my rearranged insides to heal. It’s boring, true. Personally, I’m never bored if I have a good book in my hands.


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