Story 09Jan2022: Dungeon and Dragons and Pot Pie

The story working backward ends with me reading and falling asleep just after midnight. I sleep most of the night, getting up just once.

Note: I am having some issues with WordPress so I thought it best to just publish this before I break it again.

Before this, Richard and Shana brought over a homemade chicken pot pie with an ‘M’ on it, and Corwin and I finished it off. We had it for dinner and then for the second dinner. I find while healing that I get a lot more hungry than before. The food was terrific.

We had come from Cory’s house and my first Dungeons and Dragons game since this summer. I had missed a few games when stranded in New York City, and then we had a delay when Matt, our DM, was exposed to Covid. I was tired but not fatigued after the game, an improvement.

We are at the conclusion of a year’s campaign of premade material called DESCENT INTO AVERNUS. Matt has also bought the premium support product from Beadle and Grim and even added it. Thus we have had premade maps, cards, pictures of the primary good and bad guys, and figures to fit much of the storyline. We have reached the story’s ending, no spoilers here, and have just one session to go. After that, Matt has already planned the next 5e game, a magical carnival, and all the Beadle and Grim add-ons.

In the game on Sunday, my little gnome wizard did cast a spell to build a wall of force to split up the bad guys into two sets. This allowed us to crush each group instead of facing literally a pile of bad guys. Seldom does a wizard in 5e use every last spell in a single battle; I did. It was good that I showed up at this game session!

Before driving Corwin and me in Air Volvo to Cory’s, I was at the house for most of the afternoon. I tried to take it very slow and rest a bit. I baked the dish for early dinner from Richard and Shana. I let it cool down on the deck after the first dinner. Before that, I just read and took a nap. I was not fatigued, but I still could overdo it and start coughing again.

Lunch, still going backward, was with Mariah at the Black Dog in Forest Grove. I had a beer and a chicken sandwich without any dreaded fresh veggies. Mac and cheese being my colon-approved side item. Mariah and I chatted about housing; Mariah is headed to homeownership and her first home loan. I also outlined my new medical experiences starting 28Jan2022, chemotherapy.

Note: My expected side-effect does not include hair loss but could cause numbness in fingers and toes. Losing my fine hand movements would not be acceptable, so I will work with the docs and nurses to prevent that. I also plan to paint and build models during the long three months to ensure that my fine movements still work. Not sure it will be possible, but I will try to use my hands during the adventure of cancer treatment.

Before lunch, I managed to get out to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center and found Susie’s bed empty in room 44A. Susie was instead sitting up in the common area by the nurses’ station.

Sunday Susie was out of her bed, watching TV, and sitting by the sliding glass door enjoying the unusual sunny Oregon winter day. The frost was still melting on the roofs. She was also being treated for thrush in her mouth and was feeling a bit better.

I managed to connect with Susie’s mother for a FaceTime call. Leta was happy to see Susie up and getting treatment. Susie understands I will begin the process on Monday to bring her home. I have to get her primary doc to help and the insurance company to tell us what is what. It will take a while.

Before spending time with Susie, I drove Air Volvo to Forest Grove. I did not feel the exhaustion and pain in my incisions this time like the previous times. Since I also showered, dressed, emailed, and wrote the blog, this was quite an improvement. Often I could take a nap by the time I am ready. I still kept my stay with Susie to 90 minutes to ensure I would not suddenly get tired and not be able to drive.

The morning started with me sleeping in just a bit past 7ish. I had slept well.

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