Story 10Jan2022: Monday Paperwork

I started the day at 6:30, and I was not feeling very well. Breakfast did not settle well, and I felt a bit off all day. Later I was even starting to toss-my-cookies. This feeling slowed me down all day.

This Monday was the day I had set on the plan to start getting Susie back home. I left a message on MyChart for Susie’s doc that I wanted to get Susie home. I also called and left more messages.

Eventually, I connected with the nurse for our primary doc. After some back and forth, I landed a phone call appointment for the doc on Tuesday morning. This took hours of elapsed time over the morning and afternoon.

I also contacted Providence House Services. They informed me that they must have a new referral from our primary doctor before they can help. However, they can help with equipment, such as purchasing a hospital bed for Susie through insurance.

Returning to the narrative, I managed a light breakfast, showered and dressed, and did not experience fatigued after those steps. The drive on Monday at about 9:40ish to Forest Grove was with very light traffic but crazy drivers. I managed to brake and dodge a bit with Air Volvo, all in slow motion, avoiding colliding with overly-polite but low-skilled Oregon drivers.

I reached Susie at Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center room 44A just after 10:15ish and passed the entrance rituals, including taking my temperature. Susie was still in bed and receiving treatment for thrush in her mouth five times a day. She was tired, as often happens after a busy day like Sunday when the staff has her out of bed and eating in the common area.

I tried to explain to Susie, who seems to understand words, but can only get out a few intelligible words at a time, that I was starting to work on getting her home. I could see her eyes light up when hearing about going home. Then, Susie began to nod off again.

I called Susie’s mother, Leta, and spent some time with Leta and Susie on FaceTime. Susie was not really sleeping, so I decided to do something different today. I brought the Apple laptop. I played music videos and music for Susie.

At first, we did old rock on a YouTube channel, but it was an odd collection with Guns and Roses unplugged (!?). So I found David Bowie and Mick Jagger doing their dance video, and Susie softly sang along. Working! Faith from George Michaels and Queen followed, and Susie was happy. A Led Zepplin (Kashmir is very long) and a few more items that Susie loved followed.

Covid testing for Susie and everyone happened between songs. I left a bit around noon. The facility is trying to avoid another shutdown from Covid-19!

I stopped by Popeye’s for some fried chicken. I was hoping that would settle me. It did not make me worse. I started a journal to record taking pills and how I am feeling. I have so much to do; I need more than the blog to remember things like “did I take my 10AM meds.”

After more hours of calls and messages as described above, I had a 9AM appointment by phone with Susie (and my) doctor on Tuesday. I was so cold I was shaking a bit. A sign that I was fatigued as the house was set to 70F. I was wearing my robe over my street clothes. Off to bed and a blanket and a book for the later afternoon. I was asleep when my boss at the shoe company, Brad Jones, asked me about my leave requests. I will look into that and talk to him on Tuesday about that. I was just too uncomfortable and sleeping to deal with it on Monday.

Mariah texted me later, and I had an early dinner with her. After waking and driving Air Volvo to the Golden Valley Brewery, I had a beer, a small one, and a pulled pork sandwich. It did not settle well. I was happy to see the GVB was still careful with masks and cleaning. The guests were also following the rules.

I discussed with Mariah that I would not be leaving the house for about three months for social items once the chemotherapy started. A reduced immune system and all my other challenges clearly make leaving the house a risk. I still plan to visit Susie, but that would be the best (with nursing care) if I could get her home.

I call into a church meeting, the only one I have made in a week. This is the group that works on Social Justice in Action for the church. It was nice to chat with the church folks.

Returning home, I nearly get to enjoy dinner in reverse. Back to bed to reading and sleeping. I use an anti-acid, and the problem settles down.

I am freezing and just slow down. Better.

I read The March Fallen (The Gereon Rath Mysteries Book 5). This is a set of crime novels translated to English and set in Germany of the 1930s, focusing on the police detective Gereon Rath. He is a slowly corrupting officer in the Prussian-controlled Berlin of the 1930s. In this story, the Reichstag burns down, and the Nazi take-over is destroying the Prussian love of fairness and order. The books are darker than most mysteries-crime that I love and not my first choice, but I have finished most series I enjoy and thus have returned to 1930s Berlin. This one is good if you like dark and disturbed, well-meaning detectives. 

I managed to finally sleep about midnight, which will make Tuesday start hard at 6ish.

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