Story 24Jan2022: More Ear Issues

The morning started with me facing ear issues again. The ear drops from the doc seem to be doing something, but my hearing comes and goes. I slept in a bit as I needed more rest.

I did most of the things I did in the morning. My new electric razor is still not working, and I have to return it for a refund. Another thing to do! I will have to get some tape for the re-boxing as I am out of strapping tape. Ugh!

I also received another note from Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway (Susie is in Room 44A). Another staff member has tested positive for the coronavirus. Susie’s RN for today was back to work on Monday after being exposed and testing positive a few weeks ago. The RN is cleared now.

My adventure in Air Volvo, even on a rushed Monday, is boring which is good. I reach the facility in good time. The flooding at Dairy Creek, which was more like Dairy Lake, is now pond-sized and likely will disappear soon. The ducks will miss it. So we are slowly returning to a typical wet winter headed to the usual damp spring.

I pass the temperature check and the other rituals and soon am with Susie. She is in pain and not comfortable. Her mouth is burning on the inside. Apparently, a thrush med is causing an issue and the nurse comes with ice mixed with mouth wash and cleans Susie’s mouth with a sponge stick. All is good again.

Susie nods off and is still in bed but dressed. I manage to get her awake again, and she manages a quick FaceTime with her mother, Leta. I leave that to the only call as she is tired this morning. Likely, the impact of the early discomfiture.

I stay until 12:30 while Susie sleeps. I want to make sure that the mouth pain is really gone after an hour. It is. I leave as the aid comes with Susie’s lunch tray and will sit with her to help her eat it.

All of this is hard for me as I cannot hear very well, and masks and accents take a while to understand, but the staff at Forest Grove are kind. They are used to folks with poor hearing.

As I am headed out, the Bristol Hospice nurse, Dawn, is at the entrance. We have not met, and it was a pleasure to finally met. Dawn comes to the facility twice a week to check in on Susie, chat with the staff, and read her chart. I ask her to check into Susie’s mouth issue and check that it has not returned this afternoon.

I head home feeling a bit useless with the hearing issues, but at least I could help today and stay with Susie to make sure she was safe.

I drive to a place for lunch, Tapatio and Mexican Restaurant, as I wanted a break. I used to be there every Saturday and play board games with Evan and others. Susie had lunch there once. They had missed me and told them that Susie was ill and I have not been out much.

Dawn calls me and says that Susie is doing well. This is the report she makes to me on each visit. It is part of the services provided.

I had a lovely meal and a beer in the near-empty place on a Monday. They are good about Covid-19 protections, but their customers are less careful. So I come when they are not busy.

When home later, I find my email full of notes from the Meal Train app. My Nike co-workers have sent me gift cards for GrubHub! They have covered quite a few meals now. Excellent. Thank you, Nike IT!

I rest and care for myself. More pain killers for the ears, not the incisions. I read more of the Abhorsen books by Garth Nix. I really like these books.

Joyce, Susie’s Aunt, sent Susie a stuffed animal tiger and I will deliver that on Tuesday.

I find that Manish Jain has sent me credit at GrubHub and updated today’s entry in Meal Train that he provided today’s repast. I order Italian. Thanks!

I watch the BBC News on Oregon Public Broadcasting, my fav news summary. It is funny how strange politics look from a different country’s reporting. Ukraine is physically closer to the folks at the BBC, and their reporting, so far, is much sharper on the potential war than American.

More reading and being boring. The ear issues make me slightly unsteady, so I am cautious, which frustrates me more. Today I had hoped to do some light housework, but that is unwise with the inner ear under pressure.

I manage to sleep when I head to bed but get a few times. At one point, I move to the living room and sleep in a chair. I find this helps my ears drain better. I finally head to bed again at 5ish. I sleep in until 8ish.



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