Story 31Jan2022: (Cycle 1 Day 5) Monday Tired

Starting with my current status this Tuesday morning. I have, as I planned, slept most of the morning–Day 5 has no steroids. I could not fall asleep until after 2ish as I had taken naps in the afternoon. I was not feeling right on Monday evening. I then was up all night putting back the water I drank. I am not sure how I could have drunk that much water, but I did get up every two hours until 9:30 this morning. So I am a bit tired, but I feel more like myself. Also, all the pain is gone, and there are no breathing issues. No need for a cane.

Returning to yesterday, Monday, I was up with only a few hours of sleep again to start at 6ish. I took the steroids and the anti-nausea meds, and I still had the bees running through my blood from the steroids. Some exhaustion was starting as the clocks on the walls were running too fast still for me. I managed to write most of the blog in the morning, but I was slowed down by the muscles in my hands not quite following the patterns I expected. I am hoping this will not get worse.

I threw on some clothes and drove Corwin to work at 11ish. I managed without issue, returned to the house, dressed, and got ready. I heated up Michelle Vondencamp’s soup for lunch, published the blog, and headed to see Susie at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A.

Note: My German-made saw came today (Monday). I have no actual plans to use it soon, but my existing saw was not up to my standards. If you will use a handsaw then invest in a good one. It makes it all worth it. It is also more fun to feel the wood than to hear an electric saw. Also, the first aid for a mishap with the handsaw is much less than an electric one!

Returning to the story, I passed the entrance requirements and put on gloves. I am full of chemo and should not share it with anyone. Susie was having a good day; she was up previously and watched TV and chatted with the nurses. The mouth issues are gone, and Susie’s voice and speaking are better. A wonderful surprise.

We did a few FaceTimes with mom Guild, Leta, and David Smith. Susie was much more animated for the calls and managed a few sentences. I, on the other hand, was fading fast. So it was a short visit, but one to treasure.

After this, the exhaustion hit hard. My stomach was also not quite right; I suspect I have been pouring in the water while writing and doing other tasks. I often do not notice when I am doing tasks.

Linda Wild, my sister, delivered some Mexican-styled food for me, and we ordered a bit more from Corwin’s fav place. It was too much, but I had to eat a second dinner at 10, so this worked. Martha Sayles GrubHub card handled that purchase.

I spent the evening sleeping poorly and then chatting with Corwin about my thoughts that are really a sermon I was thinking about now, seeing that I have some contemplation hours available (or forced on me). I kind of mix the story of the 40-days in the wilderness, the Passion, and MLK’s last speech remembering MLK saying “I have heard” in his Mountaintop speech. Whether I will ever give the sermon is less interesting than the exercise of being able, still able, to think clearly. Poor Corwin got the first version.

I had that on my mind when trying to sleep, which undoubtedly prevented my sleep as I had given into the steroids, just buzzing like a bee. At 2ish, I got up and did some looking at the Internet. Enjoying the latest Trump news; he is always good for WTF and OMG moments no matter what side you are on.

I finally slept, waking every two hours to lighten the water content of my body. It was a pleasure to not wake up and start at 6AM.



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