Outline 1Feb2022: (Cycle 1 Day 5) First Hard Day

I am not feeling very good this Wednesday morning and will limit my writing. Also, I spent most of Tuesday being uncomfortable, so there is very little genuine interest to write about. I was expecting trouble for today, and I have it.

The morning started well enough. I did not have to get up early and take the steroids, so I managed to sleep a bit more. Although trying not to overshare, I used the bathroom every two hours. Apparently, I am staying hydrated! So I was a bit staggered by the lack of sleep.

No bees in my bloodstream from the steroids made everything feel a bit normal.

But I started to feel the exhaustion and the literal stagger tiredness I had read about. So I threw on some clothes and drove Corwin to work just down the street. I then called the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, and let the nurses know I would not make it in today. So they will update Susie that I am not making it in.

I had a bagel for food at 10AM and then made instant mashed potatoes for lunch. I was in some discomfort and tried to rest or move or anything. Then, I got a call from the chemo doc assistant, and they were concerned that I was going to be constipated (I think I have reached that goal already) and gave me advice on what to do (actions taken).

I had dry heaves a few times, went back to the anti-nausea meds, and tried to rest. Just a totally miserable set of moments.

I got dressed, which always makes me feel better, and watched the Weather Channel. There is another storm hitting the country’s east.

More heaves and still no results that bring relief. Ugh!

Dinner is from Red Robin, and I used Martha Sayle’s GrubHub card again for that. I just got appetizers finger food, and that seemed to work. The food helped a bit, but the bloating then just got worse later.

So not a very happy day, and today, Wednesday, is not starting better. I will be calling the docs soon if it gets worse.

Wish I had a more happy message.


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