Short Story 2Feb2022: Again and Again

The day started with me up late and very uncomfortable. I had slept a bit but was up and down all night. I was tired, and my tummy hurt, and well, it was just ridiculous.

So this will be a concise blog as I just slept and tried to feel better.

I did not dress but changed to clean clothes to sleep again later.

I watched the weather channel and the big storm hitting the center of the USA.

I did enjoy and highly recommend the Book of Boba Fett (which when I spell it looks like a cheese and shrimp place, but luckily I looked up the spelling!) episode 5-6. This is on Disney+ and finds its roots again with these events moving the Star Wars cannon forward. Most excellent!

I managed to order too much for dinner making myself worse, and now I am sticking to small meals as recommended by doc. The bloating and gas issues were spectacular.

Slipping into today, Sleep stopped at 4AM with me up and down for a while. I find it helpful to sleep in the chair and then rotate in the bed. I did this and found myself luxuriating to 10! Better!

Forgot to take photos, but staged this one for us today.

I enjoyed my new book, putting one I was reading on hold as it is too dark for me at the moment, The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe. One of the authors, David M. Perry, wrote up a response to the banning of Mauz and so I thought I should read his books–I promise to read Mauz after the chemo. So far, Mr. Perry’s book is one of the better Medieval histories I have read and matches my thoughts on how to read and tell history. Recommended. 

I am reading the book when the discomfort gets to me, or I awaken. I can read just by Kindle light (yes, I use an Amazon reading device). It is well written, and I also know this history, so I do not need to be laser-focused to understand the text.

I am still getting some cold effects in my fingers, and the chemo exhaustion gets me when I focus on a task. Frustrating.

I managed to check off another side-effect and made fast trips to the toilet. No failures. But, I have to clean the bathroom every time to prevent anyone from being exposed to chemo drugs. So, yes, bleach wipes and cleaning are part of my routine now!

Evan called me and asked me for any wisdom from my experience so far. Nope. Nada. It is just as I imagined. A low burn flu-like process in the belly with an occasional misery increasing event. The emotions are closer to the surface, and tears come easy, but they always have for me, but I can find a book or a Marvel movie to bring me out of the tears. And, then there is constantly cleaning the toilet to get one head back together. Practical stuff works to ground me.

So I learned to eat small bites, tedious, and watch the intake for my stressed tummy. I take the drugs when things go wrong; emergency runs to the toilet are over (for now).

Dry heaves did not happen for a while. So the bagel and coffee were good this Thursday morning.

A better start!

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