Story 4Feb2022: Still Better

Starting my next day was a bit easier. I managed some food without side-effect yesterday and so waken feeling better.

Yesterday started with me doing my regular proof of hydration throughout the night. I slept until 9:40 and was a bit rushed to get my pills in on time with food, but I managed. I also made a pot of coffee.

I wanted, mistakenly, to limit my overuse of carbohydrates and focus food on cottage cheese again for breakfast. So I had a fruit cup with the white stuff, and it was good. I was hungry. I got all the pills in and tried to relax.

Today’s (Friday’s) side-effects involved quickly reaching the toilet. This was followed by the following process:

  • Made it, no spills.
  • Well, that was not too bad.
  • How did I get so much in there?
  • Yes, I will want an Extended Stay.
  • Lucky, I brought a book.

After, I am taking the meds to bring the breach under control. I have multiple adventures and must change my plans for the day. No visit to Mrs. Wild today; Air Volvo does not have this facility. Kat suggested I really need to upgrade to a TARDIS.

By the early afternoon, I am dizzy, and my tummy is not happy. So I decided to make oatmeal from scratch. After cooking the steel-cut oats in a pan, I add brown sugar with walnuts and butter. It is perfect, and the dizzy and tummy issues are gone. My other problems also settled, and I am still fatigued, feeling much better. I needed some carbs.

I finally get dressed. It was not that hard once I got some food into me.

Kat in New York City got the first box of clothes. Susie, before the breast cancer, was about the same size and shape as Kat. So, after checking with Susie, I boxed up some of Susie’s older (and a few newer items she has not worn for a while) and sent them to Kat in NYC. Kat and Natasha may find a second life for some of the wearables. Kat liked the items, and some actually fit Kat perfectly. I will send more later. Kat and I shared the unboxing by FaceTime with me, with me filling in what the item was for.

Dinner is short ribs and risotto with a tart for dessert supplied by Kuang and Christine. It is fantastic. I have small meals and leave some for the 10PM the second dinner.

I am watching the second season of Miracle Worker, and I think I like the second season even better. They completely rewrote the story, and it is now about life in the dark ages in a tiny town. It is hilarious, and I need something light. They even had a running joke.

The clock is slowing, and that makes me very happy. The chemo-head was not impacting me. I am getting bored, good! I am paying more attention to my body as it needs food and rest in strange mixes. I will try to understand.

I managed to have trouble sleeping; I drank a lot of tea. I finally slept and got some rest last night.


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