Story 5Feb2022: Seeing the End of the Bottle

Today, Sunday, I nearly slept into 10AM. I had to get going and take the pills as I can’t mistime them without consequences (all bad). No pronounced side effects, and more importantly, no new ones have surfaced to offer me chances to test my optimism that I can get through the bottle (Friday means more this week); the end is coming!

Yesterday, Saturday, I was moving and happy to get started by 9ish and thus was early for all the pills and felt much better. I remembered to have cottage cheese and make oatmeal again. Both protein and carbs are needed for me to feel myself now.

Corwin leaves me a huge pile of dishes for three days. He had agreed to keep the kitchen but failed at his commitments again. So naturally, I was angry, and I ended up burning fingers, washing all the pans, and running the pile of dishes into the dishwasher. I will point out later to Corwin the epic fail this is for him. I also had to stop the ant invasion, the ants finally finding all the dirty dishes. Yikes!

I plan to soon commit insecticide against our invaders. Die ants! Die! Die! Yes, I have a service, and the ants are always back for the subsequent treatment. I suspect they have little ant swimming vests as they have been damp these weeks.

Aside: My father, years ago, suggested I should glue tiny LEDs on the ants and let them loose. The locals would be reporting Terminator Ants or Borg Ants and might get rid of them. Instead, I have resisted this clearly demented idea–raise the perception of a threat. But, it does fit with the Wild sense of humor and makes me smile as I remember dad describing the reaction of a Bug person seeing a swarm of lighted ants under the house. I will admit that the LED was easy, but I could only power the LED with an electromagnetic force, and that is not going to get the impact dad was looking for; “scanning” the ants with a magnet would cause them to burn bright. Tiny safe batteries are still not there. I did look into supercapacitors, and that too is not small enough but is safe. Decorating ants still remains elusive.

Time flies, and before I knew it, it was lunch and time to get dressed and ready. Still no side effects that cannot be handled. I drive to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. It is Saturday, and the entrance process is ad hoc. They have folks there on Sunday as many folks see Mom and Dad on Sunday, but Saturday is 1/2 staff and a bit slow. Finally, I am passed as I have happy to say I have no symptoms or exposure or International travel today.

Susie is having an excellent day. She struggles to be understood, but her voice is better, and her words come through when she can find them. She repeats over and over, “I am trying.” Susie wants to get home and knows that she needs to eat and work to live at home. Hospice has given Susie a break, and she is now getting better.

I forgot to take a pic, sorry, but we did call Leta, Susie’s mother, and then Barb, Susie’s sister, and finally we reached the Smiths. I spent more than an hour until the fatigue grew. I am a good starter but not a finisher now.

I reached the Volvo Cave without dodging any creative driving from my fellow Oregonians. Many drivers are much more relaxed in their adherence to speed (going fast) after decriminalizing various soft and hard drugs. One must be watchful for the relaxing drivers.

At home, Rekha and Shyam provided a spiced and fabulous Butter Chicken. I was thinking, as I ate, that I needed to return to India or return to cooking, something I gave up for chemo. I have known Rekha and Shyam for most of my SAP time at the shoe company and watched their careers fly. I cannot count, and it would be unwise to try to recall the number of holidays, weekends, and overnights I have done with them. Thank you, Rekha and Shyam.

Returning to the story, I still feel even better and managed to put the board game Ankh in the garage. Maybe we will get back to it, but I think there are better games for me. It was a Kickstarter, and the last three were not as successful as I had hoped and have moved to the back shelves. Extreme cold sensitivity comes back in the garage. I stop working there.

Saturday night, I ordered a whole ADT security system for the house–it has been on the list but moved up now. There is no increase in crime that I have seen in the area, but I think it is time to have a little better control over the house. As usual, there is no problem spending money on these things and the 30% discount makes it all seem cheaper. The installation is in 17Feb2022. After that, I will be canceling the service, still in place for Susie’s emergency alarm, which costs monthly about the same. I will likely just payoff the installation and equipment following my usual pattern of paying off things in a year but using my silly-good credit to get all the discounts and 0% interest first.

I take my 10PM pills and try to sleep. The drug is delayed as it passes through the liver first, and I am burning up a bit around 12:30 as usual. I wake and sleep, and finally, after proof of hydration is created, sleep late. I read more when sleep runs away a few times.

Late update: I forgot to mention that I mailed a pride flag, I buy a lot of them, to the Sparta UMC in New Jersey. They lost there’s and I thought they could use one from us here in Oregon. I told them if they need another one, in the letter with the flag, I would send more.

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