Story 6Feb2022: Sunday Better

I slept in on Sunday and did all those pills and food things needed around 10AM. I feel better, but just as I get going, the fatigue starts, and I have to sit and wait. Thus I have stacks of games and papers now. They are not put anywhere.

I watched a much better live stream of the church service. Again, the transitions can still be rough, and some mics are hotter than others, but the camera focus and connectivity are perfect. And not the dread Zoom+ meeting with the hacks and risks. Well done!

I managed to finally get dressed and organized by the start of the afternoon. Cowin, his day off, and I took Air Volvo in Sunday traffic to Forest Grove. The alarms only went off once of immediate collision (on the way back), and I was braking for one driver changing lanes using a process that is not likely to appear in the Oregon Driving Handbook.

In Forest Grove, Mariah met us at The Black Dog, an overpriced but decent foodie haven with beer. I had fried chicken (without bones in the chicken–more of like a southern fried large piece chicken fingers), and Mariah had a burger. Corwin bought his own pound of great pit beef. He brought some home, unusual for him to be filled up.

Mariah, off to explore more house buying options, went on her way, and Corwin and I headed to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center, Room 44A, to see Susie. We passed the process and found Susie in a wheelchair, dressed, watching the Olympics. Susie was a bit more confused than yesterday; she was likely tired, but her voice was clearer than yesterday, and she did try to chat. She struggles to get out the meaning she wants. Susie managed to sing a broken Happy Birthday to her nephew Caleb in Michigan, who turned, how is this possible, twenty.

I managed to remember the hockey wear for Susie’s favorite Olympic team, Team Zamboni. I found this item in a catalog years ago and got it for her. A must-have.

I grew tired, I can start, but finishing is hard. So we left Susie watching the Olympics.

Corwin trying to prevent another full-on epic fail, has cleaned and kept the kitchen together these last few days. I also got a small set of Blue Apron meals, and Corwin cooks us a great late dinner; I have to eat about 10PM.

I cannot sleep until about 2ish, but the book is terrific. I enjoyed the Bright Ages. Its central premise is that the “Dark Ages” and the history we read are a creation of the racist Age of Empires/Reason and thus are distorted to fit the white supremacist viewpoint. However, after reading the original sources, the authors contend, one finds a more complex and bright world in the past. I think it is pulling off a good reworking of history I know and I do not disagree so far with the findings of Mr. Perry. Recommended.

In finally fall asleep.

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