Story 7Feb2022: Monday Happens

I used to know it was Monday as I was back at Nike Information Technology’s regular status meetings on Monday, and that always made me smile; it is a grim smile. Often we work on Nike’s accounting and fulfillment systems (usually just called SAP in the same way back twenty years ago it was called IBM) following an 8/24 schedule (“8” means over holidays and Sunday) over weekends to fix something. We need to be done before the biz notices (about 5PM Sunday Portland time when Japan starts its Monday). We often could get a nap or even sleep on Monday. “TGiM,” we can finally work our regular 12 hours day jobs. So this Monday was a strange day for me as I started a bit earlier and felt better, but I had no Nike IT items.

Aside: For years, my friends in IT we baffled that Michael Giessner and I had weekend access to buildings at the shoe company. We had 8/24 access and not their 7/24 that does not open a facility on Sunday. We had selected a different check box on the electronic access form. It helps to drink coffee with the building security folks!

Note: We never got t-shirts for Nike SAP’s BASIS and Development team that said, “Doing the Impossible Every Day, DIED on The Weekend Team.”

Monday was a repeat of previous days, but I felt tired, had less sleep, and had no terrible side effects. Pills, food, coffee, and getting dressed all happened without the need to expand on those activities.

I managed to eat some lunch before I headed out 1ish and reached Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. Susie had been up before I was there but now was tired and resting in bed. She was dressed but ready for a nap.

We called her mother, Leta. Susie and Leta had a long FaceTime chat. We were able to reach Peter Koper also for a short call.

Rekha and Shyam sent some flowers, and I brought them for Susie. Susie loves flowers.

I soon felt the fatigue after about an hour of visiting Susie. So I return home, getting a Carl’s Jr. Western burger (a guilty pleasure) with a shake; I pick up Corwin from work. Unfortunately, the shake still causes cold reactions and is consumed only partially.

I find I am confusing hunger and nausea somedays. I am just not eating enough from what I can figure out.

I am also slow and lay down for a bit. I am surprised to see 6PM on the clock when I open my eyes. Time flies!

Michael Giessner and family supply dinner tonight. I ordered some Italian and split the salad with Corwin (who already had dinner). I eat about 1/3 at around 6ish. Eric Enders dropped off some taco soup which will be my lunch on Tuesday.

In the last couple of days, I have removed some of the chaos. My workspace is back to usable. I managed to find all the work I had planned and started in October still there, yes October. My trip to New York City was extended. I never got back to the figures I assembled on the first days of my 25th Year Sabbatical from the shoe company.

I managed to get six figures from a strange Kickstarter that included building and figures to play a tactic level in the Salem Witch setting (?!), primed. I am using hand painting as I cannot be in the garage spraying paint for all the obvious reasons. I was happy to sit and paint, even gray primer, and that I had no issues.

I am also starting to build a balloon model for Dungeons and Dragons with more supplies on their way from the Czech Republic (they have the best wooden ship parts). More on that later. Just getting my head around my plan.

I read more and could not sleep. I get up and order St. V gifts for folks, which gives me something more to be thankful for. I finally do sleep. I wake up a lot.



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