Story 8Feb2022: Late Night

On Tuesday, going backward, I was tired and made the bed after washing everything. It was a challenge as I was dead tired. I put the iPhone by the bed and fell asleep just after midnight. I slept through the call from the facility. Susie had called me to come back. I have adjusted the phone; it is still new and not quite set to my usual settings to be louder and play stronger tones.

Note: I called this morning and spoke to Susie’s nurse, and Susie is OK.

I was tired as I had driven at 8PM to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, after getting a call from Susie via a nurse. “I need you,” were the words that got me to drive there. Susie was panicked when I got there. She wanted a hug and for me to take her home. I told Susie that I needed her to be brave and stay. Susie agreed. I spent time getting her calm. Susie seemed better when I left about 9PM.

The night traffic included me observing many experimental driving techniques. I had to be very careful on the way inbound to Forest Grove. Huge pickup trucks were changing lanes in unexpected ways and speeding up and even slowing down in ways that I am sure made some sense to the drivers. Nevertheless, I made it without incident, watching more tailgates than I expected, some very close so I could see the very nicely polished chrome.

I called the Weld-Martins, and Anne will stop by to see Susie on Wednesday afternoon.

Michael Giessner and family supplied dinner tonight, which was my fav of pizza and salad.

I was feeling exhausted by the day’s end. I also have new bleeding from my incision. Likely it was caused by the seatbelts as it resides over the incision. I will be more careful with it now. The bleeding is stopped.

On relaxing things, I managed to cut out the start of a balloon project I am doing for Dungeons and Dragons. The model will be a fantasy swamp gas flying balloon, much like a hot air balloon, but with the magical swamp gas enabling a smaller balloon volume, creating a model size that will work well on a gaming table.

I am watching the “Last Season” of the animated series Clone Wars on Disney+, about all our heroes and villains in the movies. It is funny and well done. It takes the material seriously and is not a kids’ watered-down version. I watched another four or five episodes while eating and trying to rest.

Note: The Cycle 1 chemo last dose is on Thursday! Yeah!

Before this, I drove back from seeing Susie. There I found her still in bed and seemed to be tired today. So I called Leta, Susie’s mom, and Barb, Susie’s sister, and they all chatted for a while on FaceTime. This seemed to please Susie, and I left about an hour later as I run-out-of-steam often.

The drive into Forest Grove was unmemorable. Good.

The morning started early as sleep left me early. I wrote a longish email to Nike about my experiences so far with colon cancer. I managed to get the blog done again. I woke tired, and coffee was needed.


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