Story 9Feb2022: Wednesday

I am feeling better this morning. I am taking my last pills for Cycle 1 today; it seems strange to reach this first marker.

Susie did not panic last night, and I did not have to go in to help.

The morning of Wednesday started at about 8:30ish. That morning I counted the chemo pills as I could not believe that I was at the end, and the count was perfect. I took all the medications with discipline, and all are accounted for. 16 pills for two days, perfect.

I use the end of the coffee. After that, Cowin will do some grocery shopping for me.

I call the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway to check on Susie (Room 44A). She has a new nurse, Eric, who says he is new to the ward, but he has seen no issues. I get a call that Susie is worried that I am in the hospital. I let the folks know I am OK and not in the hospital, and, more importantly, I will be there at about 1PM.

I drive Corwin to work and agree that he should do some grocery shopping after work. I just throw on clothes to do this.

I finish Eric Enders soup for lunch, taco soup.

I dress and then take Air Volvo to Forest Grove. Again, pickups are changing lanes in the most unusual and likely lawless ways. Nevertheless, I manage to avoid any unfortunate contact with them.

Susie was up and watching the Olympics. I could see the worry on her face, and she looked upset. So I just sat with her and held her hand after getting some gloves on (chemo can leach from your hands, so gloves are required). Susie would be relaxed for a few minutes and then learn forward in her wheelchair and start looking around. “Please take me home,” were the heartbreaking words she said to me.

I got Susie to agree that we would have to be brave and stay until I was better. So we watched some more Olympics and then called her mother, Leta, on FaceTime. Leta and Susie had a friendly chat with Leta, trying to help Susie find a calm place.

The Rev. Anne Weld-Martin came, and we moved to Susie’s room. There Anne gave communion for Susie, and the familiar words seemed to soothe Susie. Also, Susie was anointed with oil in a healing ritual by Rev. Anne. Susie seemed to find her center again and was calming reciting the Lord’s Prayer with us.

Susie decided she was tired, she had no sleep for two days, and the staff at the care center helped Susie get into bed. Anne and I left after Susie seemed back to herself. I got no more panicked calls and was able to sleep through the night.

I drove back and picked up Corwin at Fred Myers. He had done the grocery shopping, and we had a few small items for breakfast now. But, no coffee.

Note: I subscribed to coffee delivery from Amazon for a while.

I rested a bit and then watched more Clone Wars on Disney+.

I have to get back to my book, Bright Ages. My reading list is getting long again. Jack Cone has recommended some, and Deborah Hills found the impossible-to-find copy of Maus and sent me one.

Michelle Vondenkamp and the SEC leadership supplied dinner. I picked wings and cornbread from a locally black-owned biz in Beaverton, Riptz City Eats.

I started back on my model and determined that cardboard cutting should be avoided, so I stopped the process after cutting some more. I am not getting what I want, and I am risking too much to build a sphere when a craft one is $9. This, of course, was pointed out by sister Linda Wild.

I took the chemo at 10 and went to bed early. I then got up and putter around a bit before returning to the bed not too early.

Despite being wired, I fell asleep and dreamed I was back at the shoe company working with the directors to run our software. It was not going so well in my dreams when I woke up on Thursday morning.

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