Overview 19Feb2022: Frozen

On Friday, the side effects are freezing me. I have extreme (worse) cold sensitivity that even hits when I am in the house at 70F. My knees are frozen, and my movements are still and unsteady. I use a cane now and have some shaky moments starting and stopping. The little step outside the house was hard the first time, but I am ready for it now.

I manage to start the day with no sleep and am happy to still be able to get out of bed and do the usual things. Even eating is hard, and I take my 6:30 pills, and there is no return to sleep. I am also going slow. The clock spins, and soon it is 10AM. I did the blog the day before, so I am not writing this morning. Not sure I could have done it.

I manage to drive Corwin to work and then drive-thru at Wendy’s for chili and a baked potato. I bring them home and combine them for lunch. Excellent that all this worked. I am feeling better about seeing Susie.

Richard and I have decided that a game on Sunday is too soon. So too is today’s (Saturday) agreement with Matt not to play in Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday. But, again, too many steps and too much risk. So I look forward to a recap.

I manage to dress and am careful to heat the shower and use the handles, even heating them with hot water, and apply the Utterly SMOOth product to hands and feet, and the cold issues actually improve. Wow, who would think that would work, urea!

I return to one leg driving; I am a lazy driver and use two feet to drive. Unfortunately, the left leg misses the brake pedal. That has happened before when my shoes are wet. So back to stumping the brake. I can go both ways driving!

No other issues than some strange driving of slow and fast and the unique braking for green lights that you see in the greater Portland area.

Susie is having one of her best days. She is back in bed as they get her up for eating, and I am between meals in the mid-afternoon, which is my best time with the mandatory 10s for the chemo meds. Also, the chemo-head is causing the clock to run fast. This should stop in a few days.

Susie made a movie for you (some conversion things might delay you to seeing it, so read on and come back to it):

Here is the pic that goes with it:

I had a pleasant short visit with Susie. After multiple issues, we finally reached her mother and my mother to chat with her.

I then met Mariah at the Grand Lodge and had hot tea and a messy Compass Pizza. Mariah had some wine and a salad with chicken.

We chatted about Mariah’s house purchasing adventures. She is getting outbid by insane amounts. If there is any sign that we are in a housing bubble, this would be it. Mariah is frustrated with this, but she can slow down for a bit and maybe do something enjoyable instead of rushing it.

I went home and had no issues with driving at twilight. Corwin found his own dinner and went out to the gym, leaving me to watch the rest of the second season of Miracle Worker, which I liked and saw; they finally started connecting some of the episodes and finished well.

I read Jack Cone’s recommended book Americana, which helped me forget the cold, the pain, and slight nausea. I fell asleep a few times with finally a long sleep to 4AM. I was up finally at 5AM. The best I can do for day three starts Saturday.

Here is the finish for the balloon model before I was frozen by the chemo. I will return to it in a week or so. I put Shaggy from Scooby-Doo on the model for sizing.

The rigging will change, but I needed to have the glue dry with rigging applied. Two magnets are hidden in the “skins” to mount various items. The rest of the stuff came from the Czech Republic, but I missed it and have to go to the post office for it now.

Thanks again for reading, and I am thankful that the cold sensitivity slows as I move around. It hurts to type at first, but my hands and fingers and keyboard are warm, and then I can make this work. I will not edit as carefully as I am out of time. Please forgive and wooden language.

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