Nearly Impossible 19Feb2022: Frozen worse

The morning started with me waking too early and being up 90 mins before 6:30. My knees are painful and won’t bend as expected, so the cane is mandatory. I also find that the clock is spinning fast, meaning the chemo-head is back, and I am plodding or at least getting stuck watching and reading more details into my news reports and email.

Thus it was a painful, difficult morning. The cold sensitivity is worse, and my fingers burn in the cold. I have to wear my winter gloves in the house.

I managed to take the steroid on time and all my other pills as required. Discipline is my life, literally in some cases, and I keep safe.

Aside: Three days with a combined 8 hours of sleep is crushing me too. This morning, Sunday, is showing shaking exhaustion.

Corwin has a ride blessedly, so I can continue with the blog and run slow with the burning cold in my hands.

I have a simple lunch and then head into the carefully heated shower, and the warm water and just standing in the shower seems to be transformational. I manage to dress and suddenly feel better, and my physical moves are more predictable.

I have balloon parts at the post office and managed to enter Air Volvo without issues, using the mask to keep my breath warm before leaving the house. The mask now has two uses!

I manage to handle the exchange of my notice and flash of my ID to get my package. I now have deadeyes, thread, scale lumber sheets, costly laser inscribed decking, and scale rigging. All delivered perfectly from in the Czech Republic.

I managed the post office without mishap, so I drove to Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. I stopped by McDonald’s and purchased two cheeseburgers and fries–no cold drink. I had those in the car. Dad always got the cheap burgers, and I always think of him. They are, sadly, I think the only good burger I have found at the burger joint. All the rest seem dressed up and not good to me.

Entering the facility with my legs hurting as my legs unlock from being in the car, I pass the entry process and find Susie had lunch in bed today and seems a bit tired. I am tired too. We connected to Leta, Susie’s mother, and Barb Susie’s sister by FaceTime. Barb was there to have lunch with Leta and to fix her email.

The fatigue came on fast and left soon. I returned to the Volvo Cave without any safety warnings firing during the ride back or, more importantly, not leaving paint on other cars, trucks, and buses.

I took a nap. I was not awake until 6:30ish. Usually, I can’t sleep at all.

I ordered some food using the remains of the various cards on GrubHub supplied by Nike colleagues. Thanks again!

I order Italian, and I have a terrible time with cold sensitivity even with the food hot. Eating while my hands burn with cold. Even the hot food seems cold. My arms now burn with cold too.

I watch two episodes of Reacher on Prime after getting recommendations from Michelle Smith for the show. I did enjoy the first two episodes and would recommend them. It has a mix of crime, spy, and goofiness that appealed to me.

I also continue with Jack Cone’s reading recommendation of Americana and have reached the Gold Rush history of the USA. It is still a page-turner narrative you don’t find in history books. This is really a long essay, and I think an example of excellent writing of a persuasive essay. I recommend it.

I had a long discussion with Corwin that evening, and he agreed to work harder and smarter and help more. Susie told me to keep him around and make him work harder (well, that may be me adding to her wishes, but I am sure she would align to it). Susie wants Corwin there when she returns, and Corwin has been making amends with me since I was very directed with him. We have set new guidelines in place.

I finally went to bed and read and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, I had to get up and take the anti-nausea meds, which mixed poorly with the chemo and had my mind lost and not sleeping. I might have slept well a few hours. I was also overly hydrated from the pill taking and taking to Corwin, which meant many proofs of hydration.

Thanks again for reading and for all your kind words on the phone, on Facebook, and in other media. Today, Sunday (Day 4), is when some of the meds clear and the other side effects awaken like sleeping demons. I will be careful as the cold sensitivity and muscle issues recede, and I am tempted to overdo it.

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