Story 25Feb2022: Feeling Better

Going backward, I reached home about midnight, took my pills, and then chatted with Corwin about the perfect Batman Movie. We are both afraid that the newest one will not be even close to good. I had taken my pills a few hours later as I had meant to meet David and Michelle Smith to see the new movie Death on the Nile. Unfortunately, I drove to the wrong theater and missed them completely. A stupid mistake.

I was supposed to meet the Smiths to see the movie I have waited for, Death on the Nile, they went home, and I was nearly alone in a theater at Progress Ridge with popcorn, chocolates (you can’t watch Hercules without chocolate), and coffee. I have seen this story in the BBC PBS version (I have the David Suchet version) many times and have read the book. This new more Hollywood version was excellent and more focused than the PBS version that closely follows the book. The dropping and combining of some characters that were the usual red herrings I thought an improvement. What is so appealing about this Agatha Christie story is that you have the same clues as the great detective. You feel the great detective’s anguish as the guest starts dying when he cannot solve it, at first. The addition of jazz and the replacement of one of the sub-stories makes for a surprise for those like me who know the book and the PBS version. I would recommend the movie, brutal and full of unsympathetic characters, but be prepared, if you are a lover of Agatha Christe’s text, as Hollywood has revised much.

Before the movie, I was feeling better and reading The Consuming Fire. This is the second book in a Space Opera set of three books. I like the characters in the book and have read it before. It makes a good break. I do not sleep. I have not slept for about 24 hours and I remember having this problem before. I will head back to a nursery today (Saturday) and walk some.

Before this, I met Mariah at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. I have hot tea with a dessert and help her eat the tater tots before I have dessert for dinner. I had a Carl’s Jr. Western Burger for lunch, so bad and yet so good, and was not ready for an early dinner. We chatted about the stock market and investment planning. Mariah is still trying to buy a house, but if that becomes impossible because the current housing market is just insane, then other ideas such as investing may be another plan.

Earlier, I was with Susie at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. Susie was a bit tired but managed to chat with her mother, Leta, on FaceTime. We then did some sing-along rock videos. This is my singing therapy for Susie. Lastly, we did YMCA with arm movements. Susie was able to keep up this time.

I spoke to Susie’s head nurse, Pre, and she is suggesting that they will start to work with Susie as she is getting better, a surprise to everyone. Susie is officially in hospice so she cannot get rehab, but Pre is prepared to slip in a bit of rehab from her nurses. A good day.

Before seeing Susie actually do some of the YMCA moves, I had to get Air Volvo through the congested-before-Covid-19 traffic I found in Hillsboro. A group of cars had wrecked in the 30 MPH three-lane road (eye roll). Car parts everywhere. It looked so pre-Covid. Again, the driving around the accident involved overly polite Oregonians just all sitting and looking at each other. Air Volvo leads the pack out of the accident, of course.

I spoke to Dan Gray that day. He is the Trustee for the church and apparently, we had a very basic issue. The old safe was locked and the thieves had taken all the keys. The combination was unknown. The lost keys included the key for the safe–the key is the backup in case the battery dies and/or the combination is unusable. Thus Dan bought a replacement safe online that matched the current one, I had purchased it years ago, took a saws-all to the old safe, and installed the replacement. Some solutions are simple.

I forgot to take a pic on Friday.

I started at 4:30 with no sleep. I wrote the blog and prepared to start the day. The chemo pill bottle is slowly emptying.

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