Story 26Feb2022: Making it Work

Sleep did not really come as I was not tired at night. So I was up early watching the war and getting going slow. I had toast for breakfast and toast again when it was time to take my pills, always at 10.

The rains are back, and from what I read, there is a category 4 rain river coming that will drop six inches or more rain on us here in the Volvo Cave. It is so lovely to have our weather return to its regular pattern. The sunny days were getting to us.

Christine Moay sent me a note that she wanted to deliver a meal. It was a wonderful dinner!

I made mac & cheese for lunch from the food box sent from my church, First United Methodist, Beaverton.

After lunch, Air Volvo and I headed out to Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44a. The trip was wet, and the Oregonians were not experimenting with new driving techniques in the rain. We were all going a bit slow, but it felt like everyone was happy to be in the rain again.

No sleep was not improving my driving, and I was extra careful and managed to get to the facility without any events or enjoying the auto controls from Air Volvo.

I was admitted after the usual rituals. Accounts Payable is no longer closed to Covid, and they were able to get me, finally, my bill. We are on self-pay as no insurance will cover long-term care unless you have purchased that or are an executive at a company, and it is included in your platinum health care plan. Thus it costs about $12,000 a month to keep Susie comfortable in Forest Grove. I am pleased to pay this (I sold stock on a good day in mid-2021 when I was stranded in New York City) and keep Susie safe while I complete my chemotherapy. The money I use is retirement money, and thus I feel OK to use it as planned.

Aside: I include this information, not as a political statement, but to cover my experience and the truth of what I have to do. Americans who are sick and need to be in a facility should expect to pay $12,000 a month in the Pacific Northwest. This is not covered by Medicare. It is not covered by Obama Care. There are cheaper care options, but it will still be a lot of money.

Besides getting the bill, I spent a short time with Susie. I hate to fall asleep in front of her. As you can imagine, it really upsets Susie when she shakes me awake to make sure I am OK. So I have to keep the visit short once the chair seems very comfortable. Susie was able to chat with her mother, Leta, on FaceTime.

Susie received a prayer shaw from Rev. Stephen Wolff and his congregation. Corwin was overly enthusiastic about recycling, so I have lost the church’s name. Thank you!

I left and headed for a long drive to Cornell Farms, almost to Portland, and the polite trolly car sounded when the automatic braking took over when Air Volvo detected that the vehicles in front of me were not really moving. No events but just a reminder that Air Volvo is always watching.

The extreme cold sensitivity is still in my hands and feet, but the general problem with the cold is gone. I can go outside with a mask to keep my breath warm. The gloves must be on. I wanted to walk around the nursery to look at the roses and other plants. I needed to pick up some special naturally infected root stuff for the roses coming soon.

I walked along the rows and rows of roses and looked for anything special. Cornell Farms usually sticks to what sells and leaves the special roses for others to sell. I did not find anything I would want, but they have some older David Austin roses for those folks looking for a great flower.

I bought some starter sets. I have some pansies seeds I might have to start.

I drove Air Volvo home without any more stops. I was not quite feeling well.

Soon more side-effects happen. I needed to take some meds to reduce the impact. It was unhappy to be running to the restroom, but this side-effect had not yet happened in Cycle 2. Bingo! I got them all.

Thus I was reading and waiting for the side-effect to calm down. Dinner was delivered and enjoyed.

At about 11PM, Corwin and I set up the board game Vindication. I wanted to play and needed to wait until I was better before falling asleep. This board game was designed by folks in Washington state just across the Columbia River. It is a favorite for Corwin and proved that he remembered how to play by beating me. I just could not get the right combination of effects and locations to work for me. Still, it is a beautiful game, and we both enjoyed getting this game out.

I went to rest a bit and fell asleep. I did not really awaken until the morning.


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