Story 27Feb2022: Sunday

I was up early as I had some breathing issues. I got my inhaler and was better in about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, I am back to getting only about five hours of sleep a night. My hand is also painful. The joints are sore on the right hand, and more ibuprofen helps.

I collected all my clothing, stuffed them into the washing machine, and did laundry.

I watched the church service at 10:30. Before that, I had breakfast and took my 10AM pills. While listening to the church service, I wrote the blog, a typical multi-tasking for me.

Susie surprised me by calling me at home. I attended the 1:30 church group to discuss the sermon and share our thoughts and our cares. The nurses had helped Susie reach me, and Susie was concerned that I was not well enough to see her. I reassured her that Corwin and I would visit her soon.

I also went online and took some financial actions to cover all my expenses and pay the twenty-six thousand bill to cover Susie’s care until April. I then wrote out the check and made a copy of the bill; my printer is an all-in-one HP and can do copies (I pay a monthly fee for ink sent to me from HP) and put it all in an envelope.

It was raining, and the drive was slow and safe. I drove Air Volvo to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, and we soon were in Room 44A.

Susie was a bit out-of-sorts but happy to see Corwin. I stepped out to let Corwin and Susie chat. I delivered the payment to biz office and feel so glad that there are no doubts of Susie remaining safe in Forest Grove while I finish my chemotherapy.

I connected Susie with her mother, Leta, for a FaceTime call. They chatted for a while. Then, as I did not want to drive in the dark with the ranging rains and wind, we headed out about 4PM. It is always hard to leave, but I try to make it there every day.

Corwin and I stopped by Carl’s Jr. for fav burgers. We get back home as the rain and winds increase. The rain is heavy all night. I lay down and blink; it is after 8PM. Corwin makes an excellent Blue Apron spice meatloaf, a late second dinner.

I continue to read and take my 10PM pills, but sleep is hard to find as I had slept the afternoon to evening. I finally slept about 1ish.

I thank you for reading. As you imagine, I leave out some items. For example, I usually cry at least once a day. Mostly, the sadness is about Susie and her condition. The pain, the fatigue, and the side effects of chemotherapy are just a journey and do not hit my emotions. But, as I go forward with the chemotherapy, my feelings are closer to the surface. Thus, I cry most mornings as at that time I have yet to face the day, and the realization of what I have to do that day can be crushing. But then I make coffee, read email, and start the next day of the journey.

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