Story 28Feb2022: More Side effects

The day started with me up about 8:30 and getting only a few hours of sleep. I was still having trouble sleeping and had to take my inhaler to feel like I could breathe. The pain in my right hand also requires painkillers; the cane use bruised my hand. I will have to be more careful next cycle.

I managed to get going early and was feeling better. So I wrote a blog after reading my email, read the war news, and caught up on the posts from Internet folks I follow (Violet Blue and Sexy Cyborg).

Pills were taken on time, but the pill count shows that I missed a dose in the last couple of days. So I will be more careful. The missed dose just gets added to the end. All that lack of sleep has really messed me up.

On less essential items, the earthquake insurance bill came. It is $547 a year to protect the house with the limited coverage that is available. It will still cost me, after insurance, over $50,000 to rebuild should the Volvo Cave be destroyed by an earthquake. The insurance is through the company created after the insurance companies took huge losses on the last big one in California, GeoVera. This is in addition to my usual insurance.

The house is from 1978, and the house is not bolted to the foundation using the earthquake-resistant process. The corners of the house are not reinforced for an earthquake. The foundation is poured cement without rebar reinforcement. These are all later building code changes. Thus, the big one may take down the house. But, the framing and wooden floor are solid for 1978, and the house is only one story, so it also might survive a significant shaking with minor damage. The house has already been hit by a falling tree and survived three more minor earthquakes.

I have paid for “make-it-code” coverage should the house be damaged and need not only to be repaired but partially rebuilt to code. This is covered in the regular insurance from Allstate, and I would recommend anyone living the 1970s house lifestyle to have this coverage.

I have chicken noodle soup for lunch and then see Susie.

Without incident, I reach the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. Susie is back in bed as I just missed lunch. Susie was looking tired.

I called Susan’s mother, and Susie and Leta chatted on FaceTime. I also interrupted Susan’s sister, Barb, dog park experience. Barb and Susie chatted for a bit; we could hear all the barking in the background.

Susie reads the card that Leta sent.

I stepped out of the room as Susie’s roommate needed some privacy. I sat in the lobby and watched the fish. I then stood up and was dizzy and saw stars. Anemia is back, and I need to be more careful. I am suddenly tired and dizzy. Time to go home. I kiss Susie goodbye. I chat with the nurse, Nichelle, so they know I am having this issue.

I was OK to drive and headed back to Beaverton. I stop by the gaming store, ten minutes or less from the house, chat with the staff, and pick up a game organizer for the board game Root. This is a favorite game, but it is one of my hardest to get on the table. Every player has a different game to play in Root, and the Law of Root rules combine all of the play into a workable framework. Thus, it is hard to learn, and I think nearly impossible to teach. You have to learn the game by playing, but each faction is a different game; thus, to master this game, you have to learn six other games! I have everything in bags in the now three boxes that make up the expanded game (plus a roll-up matt to replace the board for that premium experience). I think the game organizer would reduce the set-up time. The Cats are the basic game, and a new player can enjoy the Cats. I often play them and get beaten back as other factions suddenly start winning.

I am now drained and not feeling well. I spend the rest of the day reading and trying to not throw up. However, I still order dinner and eat it. Gary Mooney and Michelle Vondenkamp and SEC provided GrubHub cards for dinner; thanks!. I watch, as usual, the news while eating, PBS news.

I spend an exciting evening, not really, reading and not getting ill. However, I managed to sleep the night and catch up on sleep.


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