Story 8Mar2022: Tuesday

Going backward, I had trouble getting to sleep and was reading until after midnight. I am still reading the legal history of the US constitution by Akhil Reed Amar but have detected, as I feared, strong biases on just reading the founding father’s papers. While I enjoy the book, it seems to be the white male history of the US legal system, but that would be the only folks doing law in the 1700s, so I think it is OK. Once we get to the Virginians, I will see if a discussion of slavery is included. The writing is almost archaic, and that is enjoyable.

I was up when I read Ernest Henry Shackleton’s shipwreck had been found. The wreck of the Endurance was found and is intact mainly in the cold waters. I have read the book and seen the pictures of Endurance being crushed. We can now see the crushed hull and the nearly intact stern of the ship in the released videos.

Before this, I had dinner supplied by Subha, Indian-styled chicken, with some spiciness. It was terrific, and I had it a bit later with my pills and a sample before that. Evan tried a sample too. Evan headed home after that. Thanks, Subha!

Even earlier, I was at The 649 with Evan. Evan and I played two games of The Architects of the West Kingdom, with Evan winning the first one and me tying for the second game. Unfortunately, we did not play with all of the add-ons, which brought us some strange moments. Next time, we will have to use all of the add-ons or remove the cards for the add-on. However, it was still a fun game.

I had Cuba Libre and a coffee with almond liqueur with a snack of nachos at The 649 Taphouse. There were just a few folks there when we started, and everyone was carefully masked, and the high ceilings meant good ventilation. We got a long table and set-up to play games and run a tab. The gal, Crystal, running the bar, remembered us and was interested to see what game we brought this time. She remembered the last time we played when she was bartending was Wingspan.

Before this, we stayed with Susie for a bit at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. We returned there after lunch at the Grand Lodge. Susie was now in her wheelchair, and we connected Susie by phone to her sister, Barbara. They chatted for a while, and then I took Susie for a tour of the facility. We did not join the Bingo game, all masked and socially distanced, in the main room. Instead, we did a few hallways. I was getting my exercise pushing Susie with Evan discovering how big the place really is, huge!

Evan with Susie (I had Evan remove the mask for the photo, but usually, we are masked).

Susie was then getting tired, and I let the nurses now, and I kissed, through a mask, Susie goodbye. She was hoping to come home with us, heartbreaking to me, but I convinced her to stay with the promise of returning to her the next day.

Going backward, we found Susie first in her bed and chatted for a few minutes. I then let her use my iPhone app FaceTime to chat and see her mom, Leta. Lunch came as we talked, so we cut that short and headed out for lunch while the facility served lunch. We returned after that.

Susie’s vitals, which I always check with the nurse or aide, are in her normal range.

Before this, I met Evan at the house about 11ish. I had completed the blog and was dressed and showered by this time. I was up at 7:30 this time, not rolling over and going back to sleep like the previous day, no rushing this morning.

I did not get back to my taxes or my balloon model. I was still a bit tired and just wanted to read.


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