Story 13March2022: Sunday Tired

The day starts early with me rising before my alarm at 6:30 and starting my rushed day. It is a time change day, so it really sucks! I plan to make church today; I am not preaching after my trip to the ER on Friday, and I am suffering from fatigue. I manage breakfast and coffee and write the blog. I am feeling OK, at first. But I tire easily, and getting dressed is hard. I decided on a top hat for church, I have a nice one for magic tricks, and it goes with the cane and black winter gloves. I have a bright Mendlebrot tie to keep the nutty flavor.

I reach the church and am tired from the drive. Rev. Anne Weld-Martin is replacing me for the sermon. Anne’s address hits-it-out-of-the park with the addition of giving a nail to everyone for Lenton as a reminder that nails hold our world together and can be misused. I manage to only close my eyes and not fall asleep to the music and sermon. I running on empty. Singing is not possible as nausea starts to come then.

I managed to leave and forgot my cell phone, and came back to get it. It is the second time I have passed a homeless kid rearranging his stuff on the steps. I decided I was supposed to give him something, and he got $20, which I am sure will help him more than me.

I buy a 2 cheeseburger meal at McDonald’s with coffee. I eat the burgers, and they help wake me up and calm the storms. I know that my friends are always worried when partaking of fast food. But it is just calories and something familiar, so it is not rejected. Simple burgers work–the rest of the non-morning menu is off-limits.

I drive directly to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center, Room 44A, at 3900 Pacific Highway to see Susie. It was a hard drive, but I managed it without events resembling my fellow drivers’ extra-legal driving. Susie is up in a wheelchair and excited to see me. I missed the last two days.

I am, and she can see it, too tired and trying not to let her see my nausea. We manage to connect to Susie’s mother, Leta, but that is complex as Leta is missing 1/2 of her hearing aids. Susie’s sister is there helping Leta find it, and we get to also chat with her too. Leta can repair the loss as she has a spare 1/2 from the last adventure of losing her hearing aids.

I leave and drive slow, and the lane drifting does do more corrections than is usual for me. But, I am happy to be home and collapse in bed for a while. I take the heavy anti-nausea med.

I make a can of Stagg’s Chilli, add cheese, and have that for dinner. I am still desperately hungry, and the nausea med makes food possible again. The steroids cause hunger and chemo nausea, and other side effects. It is all about managing and discipline to survive this without extra ER trips.

I sleep a bit, watch Bloomberg Asia Monday start, and actually work in Python for a bit on my laptop. I manage to install a YAML package to my new Python environment without using much from Anaconda, my package manager for Python that has now gone charge (!?). I will get back to the YAML stuff later. It was just nice that I could still think and do.

I make a cake using a bundt cake mold. I mess up, and the cake explodes when I try to unmold it. I let the cake cool too much. I added some Vietnamese cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon, and a spoon of molasses to a cake mix of German Chocolate. This gives the make a little more punch. Corwin loves it, and I have a lot too.

I read more and having trouble sleeping like most folks in the USA; time change day!

I can sleep in now that I have completed cycle 3, day 4. No more steroids for this cycle!



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