Story 14March2022: Sick Day

Monday morning had me sleep into about 7ish. I was up and exhausted. It is tough to do anything, and this will be a short blog.

I made instant oatmeal, two packs, and added walnuts and dried cranberries. This took a while to consume as eating was making me tired. Coffee helped, but today was going to be harsh.

I managed nausea the day before, but I was ready, and yes, the other end decided to let loose, and I was now on different meds to manage that. That stopped all travel and most activities, to be honest.

I managed lunch somehow by ordering some chicken wings from Wild Buffalo Wings. Not sure I will go back to that. Also, I microwaved the carrots and celery. It does not improve the celery, but I can eat it then.

I called the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Highway, talk to the rehab nurse, Nichelle, who cares for Susie in room 44A, and let her know I cannot make it in. Susie is good, and the hospice nurse saw her when I called.

I then had a few episodes of side effects and was freezing, so I went back to bed. I was surprised to sleep until 5ish. That sleep was more of a wake-up and roll over and sleep again than that restful.

I ordered Indian Food for dinner and forgot to order extra for Corwin. I used Rajani Khambhampati’s GrubHub card today. Thanks, Rajani! I am still eating well even with all the problems; leftover side effects of steroids.

I watched the war for a bit on PBS and Bloomberg, showing a massive shift of money into the 10-year treasury, forcing the yield way over 2.1, unexpectedly. Apparently, with the Covid mess now in China and the possibility of China supporting Russia and thereby invoking sanctions, investors are running for the hills (treasuries). Also, down in the depths of the news is the fact that a bunch of China ADRs (foreign companies can use an ADR to be traded on the American exchanges) did not pass their audits and will be delisted. Shenanigans again and there is also, again lost in the news, failing banks and land deal companies that were a current issue. Besides the war and Covid, a lack of transparency is causing a massive exodus of capital from the China markets.

I tried to read and sleep. I finally got up and turned on a game on my laptop, Darkest Dungeon. This was a Kickstarter I supported years ago and is a computer video game with basic graphics but with good sound. I have also supported a massive Kickstarter for a board game version; I just wanted the figures. I play this for a few hours, and the side effects of the 10PM dose slow, and I can sleep. I manage about five hours of sleep.


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