Story 15March2022: Too Tired

This will be a short blog as I spent most of Tuesday asleep.

I had slept some, but I awoke very tiredly and weak. I could stand and walk, but it was a trial. I managed to get started and make coffee and then ordered bagels delivered as I wanted a lox bagel. I did have to slightly heat it in the microwave when it arrived, but it still was good.

I wrote the blog and watched some of Bloomberg’s coverage. I took my pills, and soon I had to sit down as I was too dizzy to stand for long. I had another bagel and crashed on my bed. I took a long nap and fell deeply asleep.

When I woke, I called Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway and asked to chat with the nurse caring for Susie in room 44A. Susie was asleep and was doing OK. They will let her know that I can’t make it in today. It did take me ten minutes on hold to get to the nurse.

I had some side effects and had to make sure that I could reach the restroom without complexity. That all calmed down after a while.

I got moving again after another nap and showered and dressed. I felt a bit better but still fatigued. I ordered dinner, chicken, from GrubHub. Rajani Khambhampati and Abhishek Belokar covered the cost today. Thank you!

The food helped, but I did, after watching PBS news, sleep the rest of the night. However, I did get up for a bit and played Darkest Dungeon on my apple to see how I felt. But, sleep was needed.

I finished the chicken with the 10PM pills. Pills must be taken with food. Back to crashing. Refused to move until the sun was bright. That could be a long time in Oregon.

So just a short story for Tuesday. Just needed to sleep.

I managed to start Wednesday at 9:20ish. It is a bright day.

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