Story 16March2022: Better

Wednesday started better than Tuesday, but I was still unsteady and tired. I managed to get going about 9:15ish and soon had breakfast done, and the blog, a concise blog, started. I was able to make some breakfast sausages by throwing them in a glass cooking bowl and putting them in the oven. I needed protein and other foods.

I watched some of Bloomberg as I felt a bit better. The Fed had raised interest rates to help Wall Street (increasing home mortgages to over 4% the next day is not helping most folks). I always find the actions of banks and The Fed not that helpful to my wallet.

After having some lunch, I took a short nap and was finally feeling better and took a shower and got dressed. The dizziness of the day before is gone. I am just tired from the chemo. Back to normal; that is this point in the cycle.

I took the cane and got into the car and forgot the keys. Back to the house and this time with a mask as the cold air, 50F, was impacting me. I turned up the heat in the car and soon was comfortable driving to Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A.

It is a sunny day with a warm sun. The smokers are out enjoying the fresh air while the sun is hot.

I get to see Susie in her room in bed after passing the questions and rituals to prove I do not have Covid-19. Susie is relieved to see me. She is scared of being alone here.

Susie is happy to see her mother on FaceTime and is relieved that I am back to see her. She tells me she does not know where she is and wants to come home. Susie is scared. I calm her down and get her to understand that she is safe and that I am too sick with chemo, which she understands, to care for her at home. Susie will have to be brave, and finally, she agrees that she can stay and that I will be there on Thursday.

Susan’s Aunt Joyce sent her some more flowers.

I could only do a short stay as I was getting tired again.

I managed to get a Carl’s Jr. Western Burger on the way back and suddenly felt much better. Not sure if it is the combination of getting moving and eating a burger, but I felt much better.

I did take another nap when I got home. After that, I ordered pizza for dinner. Thank you, Dale Drum, for covering that cost with a GrubHub card!

I then decided to watch Batman Year One, an animation of a comic book that is considered one of the more classic representations of the DC Hero. It was a bit basic for my tastes, and I was surprised the focus was more on the police than Batman. I liked Batman: The Long Halloween better, but this one was not bad and did not fall into jokes or lengthy voiceovers to make the story move.

I decided that I needed more rest and went to bed. No reading. Just tried to sleep, and soon I was asleep. I did wake up a lot, but I could roll over and go back to sleep.


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