Story 17March2022: St. Patrick’s Day 2022

Going backward, I had too many naps and could not sleep until almost morning. I was awake most of the night, but around 3-4AM, I finally nodded off. I did not do much reading as I was tired yet not sleepy.

Before going to bed, I did decide to watch again, Batman: The Long Halloween, and now see all the parts I missed. I see now how it was all there in this sort of detective animated version of the famous comic book. I managed to get through an hour of the show.

I finished my apple cake I picked up as a to-go dessert from the Golden Valley Brewery and ate my spaghetti leftover from a few days ago. I had this at 10PM with my pills.

Before this, I took a very long nap, 3-7, and Evan gave Corwin some driving lessons on the freeway. Evan headed out later, and I just decided to go slow for the rest of the night. No St. Patrick’s Day green beer for me.

Going back to the afternoon, Evan and I had a St. Patrick’s Day late lunch at the Golden Valley Brewery. I was still wearing a mask as it is sort of recommended with chemo not to catch anything, including Covid-19, but the staff was unmasked, as was all of the customers. The customers also moved, and I was not ready for that, from table to facility without masks. The crowd was small and ceiling-high, so I felt safe, but I would only be there when the crowds were small or sit outside now. It was still shocking to see faces.

The bartender, Steve, remembers me and asked after Susie. He sends his best to her.

I asked everyone to keep their distance, which was accepted after explaining that I was taking chemo. I had a coffee and amaretto. The bartender gently warmed the amaretto and put it in a beaker-like cup.

Evan had the leek soup and a burger. I had the beef pie as I thought that might be better than diving into corned beef with my side-effects. It was wonderful. The service was unusually slow, but the food was perfect. I also got a cup of just hot water, and our waiter was always there to help me. I got a dessert to-go, as I said above.

The food helped, and I was no longer as tired.

We reached 3900 Pacific Highway without incident; I driving Air Volvo. Evan and I followed the entrance protocols and had no issues entering the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center and finding room 44A empty as Susie was still eating lunch at the nurses’ station.

I use a cane as I get tired and want something to help if I misstep. The infusion for chemo is still impacting my muscle control even after a week. I want no falls!

Susie was happy to see Evan and me. We let her finish lunch, and then I called Susie’s mother, Leta, and they chatted for a while. Susie was calmer today as I had managed to keep my promise of coming on Thursday.

Evan then pushed Susie around the facility for a while. I just led the way with my cane. Susie wanted to see the flowers, especially the daffodils, as they had just bloomed in Forest Grove. Susie even went outside to see them in the light sprinkles of Oregon’s gray spring days.

Before this, I slept until late, 9:45ish, and was slow at everything. Evan met me at the house after I had managed to write the blog and get ready. He offered to drive, but I prefer to manage that.

I had managed to sleep most of the night.

For those wondering, the big gaming convention in Portland, Gamestorm, is next Thursday and goes through the weekend. I usually host five to ten games and play dozens of ad hoc games. This year with Susie in Forest Grove and me enjoying chemo, I am passing (even with an all-paid membership). I will miss seeing all my once yearly opponents and trying out the latest madness from the game designers. I am sorry that I cannot use my copy of the newly reprinted Dune board game and say “The Spice Must Flow!” Or to lose in Twilight Imperium with nine points and my next point not played in time, “But I would have had it!” Or to watch Greece build that last wonder in Mare Nostrum again, regretting my sudden invasion of Egpyt. And then I have all those beautiful desserts to serve in The Grand Austria revised board game. I usually do a basic “How to play Scythe” game that attracts all the folks who don’t want to admit they don’t know the game. It is fun to go back to the basics once in a while and teach a great game. Then, I would slip in a role-playing game, maybe with Matt, and be a hard-boiled 1920s detective chasing or being chased by unspeakable horrors!

Next year!

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