Story 26March2022: Family Here

I could not sleep until late on Saturday morning. This made the alarm at 7AM most unwelcomed. But Leta and Barb are here, and so I get going early. Coffee, some baked goods, and a banana help me get going. I write the blog, having forgotten to take a picture of Susie when I saw her on Friday.

I hear from Susan’s sister that they are getting going at the hotel in Forest Grove. They have a hotel not far from where Susie is staying and a rental car. They wanted to limit the impact of their visit, so they stayed at a hotel and had their own vehicle.

I make a roast beef and cheddar sandwich for lunch. Corwin is late for work; he slept through his alarm. So I drive him to work after eating my sandwich.

I am better today, but nausea rules still, and the terrible dizziness will return in the evening. I find the walk across the parking lot at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, seems much further.

Driving does not appear to tire me, and Air Volvo makes a pleasant trip to Forest Grove. It is a sort of sunny day. And when reaching the facility, the staff are happy to see me. The more permanent residents all say hello to me. Sadly, most see few visitors, so I am a bit shared experience with the folks here at Forest Grove. I am the guy that comes every day and wishes them all well and waves at them from across the facility when I am visiting.

With Covid-19 restrictions fading, Bingo is back (still with separate tables). I will see if we can get Susie into the game one of these days.

Barb and Leta (Susie’s sister and mother) are in room 44A with Susie. Susie is in her wheelchair. Susie’s roommate has been out for a few days now. So the room is ours.

Susie looks a bit overwhelmed and happy to have her family here. Barb brought Susie a milkshake that she has had a bit of. I am so glad that Susie, her family are with her.

I am tired fast, and Susie’s lunch is delivered. The nurse aide takes Susie to the tables near the nurses’ station, and all of us head out. Barb and Leta will be back after some lunch and shopping for a few items they need.

I head home and lay down after Air Volvo gets me without incident to the Volvo Cave. I have a headache (a new issue from allergies) and still get dizzy if I stand up too soon. I write some more Dungeon and Dragons as I only rest long enough to get rid of the fatigue as I want to sleep in the evening and get up early.

Leta and Barb meet me for dinner at Mazatlan Grill, the Mexican place near the house. They have been there before, so I thought it would work. Food is a bit heavy for Leta and Barb as they are showing some jetlag, but we do share a flan dessert.

They had back to Forest Grove to sleep in their hotel.

I return home, write a bit, and then just read in bed as I am freezing again. The extreme cold sensitivity still has not gone away. The blankets help, and I read more of The Words That Made US. I am deep in the whole chapter on Hamilton. I also did not know for the Whiskey Rebellion that Washington resumed his role and uniform as a military leader and led the troops on a horse into their campaign, with Hamilton riding with him also in uniform. He did then turn over the troops and then returned to his Presidency. I was not expecting a page-turner, and sometimes the author just revels too much in the details, but I really enjoy the book. I love how the author shows the Constitution is the map that helps start the government that we now call the US.

I finally fell asleep after midnight.


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