Story 27March2022: Busy Sunday

Going backward, I was back at the house at about 9:30 in the evening. I was exhausted, and Matt had offered to drive me home if I was too tired to drive. I was OK to drive. We played Dungeons and Dragons 5E for 3 1/2 hours, which left me fatigued. I really started running out of a stream in the last hour.

I went to bed and read a bit and quickly slept.

Returning to the narrative, It was nice to see the group back and running with a new campaign. The group has been playing together for over ten years, some of us going back more years.

The game is part of a campaign we have been playing for a few months. We had finished our other campaign, which featured a Mad Max version of Hell that had lasted quite some time with interruptions for Covid-19. Matt had, as usual, provided most of the material for today’s campaign, including miniatures of frog people dressed in formal court ware with fluffy white collars! Matt has the best toys!

Leta and Barb, Susie’s mother and sister, were finding their own dinner without me today. I made a salad for dinner with some lunch meats and olives to make it more of a chef’s salad. I was happy that I could eat something cold. The extreme cold sensitivity is fading but remains in my fingers, face, and feet.

In the afternoon, I had left Barb and Leta with Susie at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 4A. I was tired and could not last long, so I headed out after only about thirty minutes.

I had driven there from the house as I needed to pick up stamps for some thank you cards that Susie would dictate. Leta and I also stopped by the pharmacy to get batteries and my prescriptions that I forgot to get the day before. Also, I am back on iron pills after the prescription expired, which might help with the apparent anemia.

Leta and I met Anne and Wayne Weld-Martin for lunch before this. We met them at Red Robin, the first time I had been back to this one in almost three years due to Covid-19. As with most chains, the menu had been simplified, and soups had been dropped (!?), but chili was still on the menu. Red Robin masking was optional, and none of the staff were masked. Folks were still separated by six feet.

When we were ready to leave the table, the pay system crashed. Wayne bought lunch; thanks, Wayne! I had the chicken plate while the rest of the folks tried burgers. Anne when for the vegan-styled burger.

Before lunch, we went to First United Methodist for church. Barb had dropped off Leta early, taking the back roads to the church (Farmington Road) without traffic or lights. Karen, the treasurer, gave an excellent sermon on how she connected with her sons. This was through books and movies (lots of films, including everything Marvel).

Before church, I had a slightly rushed morning of getting going and writing the blog in time to make it to church at 9:45ish for the 10:30 service.

I had slept well enough, but the 6:30 alarm was still unwelcomed. As usual, I woke before the alarm, proved hydration, and went back to bed for an hour. I fall asleep just minutes before the alarm, which startles me awake, most unwelcomed.

Aside: Years ago, I used to play a fantasy wargame called Divine Right, and Tyler Baker asked me if the game was ever revised. I was surprised that there is a 2002 25th Edition that was updated to some small amount and limited to 2000 copies. This version is only available now on the secondary market at about 150€ price. According to Wikipedia another version was once under development in 2020, but, as has happened with a few other games products (i.e., Nemo’s War and The Judges Guild), the project was hosted by a group that included white supremacists organizations or by folks that opening espoused those view. In the case of Divine Right, there has been no word of a new version being published. I have not located my 1979 version copy. It is likely thrown in a box somewhere or was lost years ago. Apparently, a new like version, mine is used, sell for $$$$.



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