Story 2April2022: Saturday More Normal

I started a bit later and spent the morning going slow as I had no appointments planned. I took the RiteAid version of Zurtac as I could not stop sneezing. It is a gloriously sunny day in Oregon. But, we did not get them in March until the past four years. Before that, La Nina would pour on us for six months without a single sunny day. We have a more Northern California weather system than the usual Pacific Northwest (PNW) endless rain.

I have a banana and toast with peanut butter for breakfast. I take all my pills and can soon feel the impact of the chemotherapy. Sort of a nervous you get just before the flu hits you hard and you throw up. I managed to not get ill today.

Next, I make my lunch, another ham sandwich, and then off in Air Volvo. I reach 3900 Pacific Highway, where you will find Susie at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center in Room 44A. I pass the Covid-19 checks and see Susie finishing her lunch. She cannot hold the spoon and feed herself, so the nurse aide cares for her. It is funny; the nurse aid is also eating as she got a free lunch as there was a spare lunch tray. So the nurse pops in some pureed porkchop for Susie and then cuts a bit for herself and has her own. Susie ate about 2/3 of her food.

When she is done, I take Susie for a tour of the facilities. Then, we head out to the courtyard where two folks are smoking, and we enjoy the flower. Even with the sun, there is a cold wind that smells like the sea. The waters off Oregon are very cold and cause a frigid breeze. It may also be that I imagined the sea smell and it is the winds from the mountains. In the winter, it might be 40F, but the wind may be from the mountains and be 30F or lower. This makes growing plants that are exposed to the wind difficult.

Susie is tired, and I am feeling fatigued from pushing the wheelchair. So I have the aid help Susie get to bed; I get a kiss goodbye. We did FaceTime with Leta for a bit, and Zeriada also got a call.

I reach home without events in Air Volvo. I decided to watch more Clone Wars and am surprised by how dark the animated series gets. I then make a simple pasta dinner, browned and crumbled fennel sausage, with red sauce from a jar. I am a bit exhausted after that and rest a bit. Dinner is good.

Before it gets dark, I sprinkle more plant food on the roses in the backyard. Some of the roses are looking stressed. I hope a bit of plant food will help. I use Osmocote as it can’t burn the plants and works for veggies. I might add some manure later, but I think it best to stay away from gardening while I am doing chemo.

I spent the rest of the evening doing little more than watching Clone Wars and headed to bed after taking my pills at 10PM. I was surprised to sleep by midnight.

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