Story 3April2022: Sunday busy

Going backward, I was in bed and not able to sleep most of the night. I read Maise Dobbs until late and still could not sleep. I had taken my chemo and 10PM pills as usual, but sleep would not come this time. Instead, I dreamed, more like awakening dreams, and then would wake up and roll over again. So Monday is a late and challenging start.

Returning to Sunday’s story, I had a beer with Corwin at the Beergarden in Beaverton. Corwin asked to drive to Susie’s facility, and then he drove us back to Beaverton using 26 to get some highspeed practice. I shared a fondue with Corwin at the German-style place with sausage and bread. I had a small salad after that. Corwin put away about 1.5 liters of beer with a sausage plate. We celebrated Corwin’s 20 miles of driving without too many scary moments.

The place was busy but not packed, and after we got dinner going, I got a text from Mariah asking about dinner. But, we had already started, so we will have to connect next time. The place has a high ceiling and good ventilation, but there are no masks. But food delivery is masked and gloved, which is a change I approve of.

Before that, I set the navigation in Air Volvo to take us to Portland, but that was not quite working, so we took Cornell out of Hillsboro, heading sort of North, and then took Brookwood to connect to 26. He drove by the Nike Jet in its hanger. The walls are glass towards the road, so we can see Phil’s plane.

Corwin still has some mad-capped lane changes. He wants the aggressive and race car experience, which is hard to get with me wanting a polite Oregon lane change. Air Volvo is very responsive and accelerates fast, but it is a bit sluggish and then goes fast. This newer XC60 corners better than the previous model I owned, and it is impossible to lose control of the new Air Volvo. Corwin is still not using the mirrors’ lights that will let you know there is a car in the blind back quarter panel–we will work on that. However, he did enjoy the ease of driving and acceleration.

Before, we were with Susie and got her some frozen yogurt from the Pink Spoon a long block from the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. Corwin and I had walked to the Pink Spoon on Sunday, after checking they were open on the Internet, and had some yogurt and then got a mix of cheesecake and raspberry flavors for Susie. Susie ate about 1/4 of the dessert when we returned. The rest will be saved for dinner, and the nurse aids put the frozen treat in the frig. I grew a bit fatigued and got a kiss before I left.

Before this, we arrived with Corwin driving Air Volvo. The only close call was the turn into the Hillsboro area, almost 90 degrees. It will surprise you the first time. Corwin just did not pull the wheel over, and we nearly ended up on the right sidewalk–there was no car in front of him to follow. I actually pulled the wheel for him a bit. Lucky there were no cars in the three lanes we crossed and no cars behind us. Corwin was ready for the tricky turns on the trip back and managed the other difficult turn as he was behind another car and followed its lead.

Returning to the story with Susie and still going backward, we then passed the Covid-19 checks and found Susie sitting by the tables by the nursing station. She had just finished lunch. I was running a bit late as I had gone to church Sunday morning. She was happy to see Corwin and me. We took her for a spin through the facility with Corwin pushing her. Next, we went outside to see the flowers in the courtyard. We then called Leta, Susie’s mother, and they chatted for about ten minutes. After that, we promised to return with yogurt.

Before having Corwin take over Air Volvo, I arrived at the house in Air Volvo. Today church had an after-church bible study led by Dr.Rev. Wayne Weld-Martin. We had lunch served with turkey or ham rolled-up sandwiches. With this were chips, brownies, and grapes to fill it out. Wayne had us share some experiences and then asked us to tell our favorite bible story. Of course, and anyone at Nike would expect nothing else, I went first and described the water-to-wine story; I always pick a party. Soon Wayne then read part of the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas. Wayne’s point was that there are lots of stories about Jesus, and we need to understand that what happened in Jesus’s passion was a world-changing event.

Before this was church, Wayne was preaching, and communion was actually served; it was not in the plan, but Wayne called us up, so we just marched as usual for communion. Everyone was masked. The sermon was about saving the children, and Wayne asked everyone to write their congressperson to help more children.

Before all of this, I had to get going and start about 7:30 when I remembered it was Sunday, and I planned to be at church and follow that with bible study. So I was a bit rushed. I had managed to sleep the night before without even waking until 7ish.



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