Story 7April2022: Day 8 Cycle Last

I was up and moving late, about 9:15ish. This will make me run late all morning. I am also going slow as I don’t want to move too fast and get dizzy–it is essential to avoid trips to the ER.

I had peanut butter toast for breakfast as I had yet to make it to the grocery store or shop online. Yes, we have no banana today. Susie needs some new flowers too. I did have a beef and cheddar sandwich for lunch. I toasted bread and microwaved the beef and cheddar to make it a better sandwich.

I had to update the information for Susie’s doctor as they were unclear about what I wanted. However, later in the day, they sent out orders to have Susie in rehab again at the facility in Forest Grove. Excellent!

I am going slow, and I am fatigued from anything. But, yes, the chemo is working. The day is bright, and our temperature will break 80F on Thursday. We have somehow become California and having this kind of morning: Link.

I managed to shower and dress but was tired after that. I also got up too fast once and held on to the wall until the stars and dizziness passed. So I read for an hour until I felt better in bed and finished Maise Dobbs number 17. It was dark as it unflinchingly covered American racism in World War 2, but I liked it. For example, GIs were welcomed to have dinner with Brits during the war, but this was restricted to only white GIs. This was a new story I did not know.

Aside: The navy named its next massive Ford Class aircraft carrier after a black man: USS Doris Miller. Please see the information here. There is also a movement to remove the name of Stennis from another carrier; we will see.

I took Air Volvo to see Susie at Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. I was late, almost 3PM. Susie was in bed resting. Terry informed me, her roommate, that Susie had slept most of the day–a surprise as usually she only naps a bit. Susie was delighted to see me, and she was more responsive, even when a bit sleepy. We called her mother, Leta, on FaceTime. I was too tired to push a wheelchair, and Susie was already in bed, so we chatted for a bit. I then headed out as Susie and I both needed some rest.

I got a text from Mariah to have dinner. I agreed to 5ish. We try to get there before the crowds to keep my exposure down to not just Covid-19 but flu and colds as it is that season. I did have the flu vax before the winter, but likely I am dues for more flu vax and my fourth dose. It is recommended by various folks that I skip over to Pfizer as it is a slightly different mRNA vax. My friend and online personality, Violet Blu, has taken all three now, going for the stirred but not shaken protection. After my chemotherapy completes, I will continue with science and go for the stirred martini version of just Moderna and Pfizer.

I ask our waiter to stand back as I am on chemo and can’t avoid even a cold; she complied. Mariah and I have beers and a steak salad. The anemia makes lean steak on a salad a medical choice, not to mention it is the best thing on the menu at Gold Valley Brewery(GVB). But, again, a burger is a bit heavy for me.

It was very loud and despite the warm day we were in the bar, forty plus minutes wait for a table outside. The ventationation was running full power and we were a bit cold. But, I never complain about good ventation.

After GVB, I returned to home via Air Volvo. I was fatigued and napped a bit and chatted with the Smiths on the phone a bit. I was in bed and slept well and late again.

I purchased some more Architect of the West Kingdom promo items online. The Keewees apologized on their website for the high shipping costs from New Zealand to the USA; they have not found a low-cost option. I bought multiple copies to give to my fellow gamers as the shipping was $20 alone. This is a birthday present for myself.

My birthday is 16Apr, and all I want for my birthday is to get to that date and get my taxes done. I am working on both.

Aside: Grammarly is having some issues. It often can not make up its mind and loops for every on some style suggestions. It also repeats the same suggestion and I sometimes end up with two comas instead of one. It then, of course, flags that and changes it back. Most of the time it works, but I pay attention to the double coma issue.

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