Story 8April2022: Nausea

Friday started late with me sleeping until 9ish. I am exhausted today, Friday, and fighting nausea. Nevertheless, I wrote a long blog and even took Corwin to work in Air Volvo in the morning. I finish the blog at about noon and then dress as usual. I then read for an hour to rest. I was tired after getting dressed. I finally hit the road at 2:15ish to see Susie.

Air Volvo delivers me there at Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, with us only having to dodge one extra-legal car driver’s unique interpretation of how to change lanes. I pass all the Covid-19 checks. As it is a bit late, I find Susie in bed and resting. She spent most of the morning in a wheelchair eating and hanging out. One of the new aphasic residents seems to have developed a friendship with Susie and comes to see Susie and just hold hands. One nurse aide comes to say goodbye to Susie as she will be off next week getting certified. Unfortunately, Susie’s issues include face recognition; Susie is unsure who the person is–even flashing her face, and the gal is a bit disappointed. But, I thank her, and Susie seems to remember the voice and wishes her well. Even for me, there is a moment for her to recognize me, and the hat and coat help, I believe.

We manage to get Leta on the phone using FaceTime. Susie and Leta have a long chat. I check with the nurses, and Susie’s vitals are stable; I check every day. I return to the room.

I am getting tired, and Susie is yawning. I can sleep in the chair or head out. I get a kiss on the way out. I forget to take a pic for Friday.

The walk to Air Volvo seems quite long. I get in the car and sit for a while without my mask on to get some more air. In a few minutes, I am better.

I head back to the house, but I have Air Volvo make an emergency ice cream break at Jim’s. I have a cone of Rocky Road that I eat mainly in the car, even while driving. The extra food and the simple pleasure of ice cream kept me going, and I reached home.

I am tired and a bit fuzzy. I start back on my taxes–why not? I log back into TurboTax, fight with the software for a few hours, and finally figure out what it wants on my stock option sales. Unfortunately, it looks like the bill will be huge this year. I am frustrated that all the tax records are not in the proper file, my fault, and I will have to search for the giving records. I believe I put them in a folder, but I cannot find them. It is likely on the floor. So I will search for them on Saturday.

On valuable financial news, all the proceeds from all the sales, now reduced by 1/3 for tax withholding for next year (always at the max rate), have been posted to my checking account, as did my paycheck, which, this time, was a number I recognize. Still wrong, but not twice or just $550 but the usual amount. Something to work out after my return to work. Thus I can now cover the taxes, medical bills for both of us, and Susie’s room and board. In addition, I have an MRI on 18Apl, which will be a hefty co-pay.

Aside: I don’t usually invest in IPO and the like, but I made an exception for Virgin Galactic. I like some of the ways that Virgin worked over the years and thus risked some cash. I cleared more than $3500 in profit on a small investment and even held it for a year to qualify it for long-term investment treatment. This is also why my taxes are a bit high this year. I did well in the market and cashed out last year, meaning I get to share my success with President Biden and the Oregon treasury. I sold all my small investments, making a few hundred dollars on Ford Motor Company, plus another hundred in dividends. I sold out to pay off the Volvo. I wanted my money out of the market as I sensed events were coming with Covid-19 already, creating a strange pressure on equities. Last year, I did not venture into Crypto as I had enough fun (and insane risk) with Virgin Galactic. I had invested in Crypto the previous year and made a few hundred bucks on a small investment. I like to be highly focused when I make crazy investments, so I keep to just one type of questionable investment with my cash. My retirement is managed by my risk category for my age, 57 (soon 58), and has a 25% increase for three years running, and I am facing a 10 percent loss so far this year–I never risk 401K money.

Returning to the narrative, I do rest for a bit. I am still not ready for dinner and just have cheese and crackers. Corwin finds the gumbo from Wholefoods for his dinner. The remains of which were still there this Saturday morning, forcing me to do all the dishes–fail!

I read and rest and chat with a few folks on the phone before sleeping most of the night away. I am up to prove hydration, and I am nearly overwhelmed by nausea. I rush and fall into bed without issue, and the problem subsides, and I fall asleep. I wake up a bit early and take some ginger; I have some candied for cooking, which helps this Saturday morning.

Another aside: The azaleas are starting to bloom. The roses are still growing, and buds are all over them. Some of the roses are still showing signs of stress, and I will take more action soon. The apple tree is starting to bloom, the state flower of Michigan. Spring has sprung.



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