Story 9April2022: Saturday

The start of Saturday is problematic as the fatigue, dizziness, and nausea come in waves, separate waves. I manage to get coffee made, and the dishes are done again, so there is no need for me to do them: better. The blog seems to write itself, which is at least a blessing. The chemo-head is not that bad, with the words flowing from me. It takes me about the usual two hours to write, edit, and fight with Grammarly to produce the blog, the usual time.

Allergies are what is making this last cycle so hard. All those lovely flowers out there are just killing me softly. I love the Spring in Oregon and the restart of my roses, but it makes the last cycle very hard. In response, I am taking a Zyrtec knock-off (Cetrizine Hydrochloride), which causes sleepiness but is not enough to bother me.

I manage to be dressed and be finished with the blog, email, and breakfast (peanut butter toast) in the morning. Dan and Janice will be picking me up at 1PM, so I will make a quick ham and cheese sandwich.

I slip off in Air Volvo to the local Safeway within walking distance (usually) to our house. I bought the Zyrtec knock-off (I was out) mentioned above and some new flowers for Susie. I managed to get through the DIY checkout without crashing the system and without help–an accomplishment on its own. I am quickly back home via Air Volvo.

Dan is a few minutes early, and I am lying down reading as I am already worn out. Janice is in the backseat as I am prone to nausea, and they even have bags ready. I rally and get into their car. Dan makes it to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A, without incident as Saturday traffic is a bit light.

Susie is just finishing lunch as we come in. The tables are packed with new residents, most aphasic. We move Susie after she finished her lunch to the lobby and hang out with her. After a few words, we call Susie’s mother, Leta, on FaceTime, and she and Susie chat for a bit.

I stepped out and talked to the administrators and learned that the Rehab department will likely take up evaluating Susie for their program on Monday. Today, Saturday, is Susie’s first full day released from hospice! I am anxious to get the facility to quickly decide if they will take Susie into their program as Susie would use some therapy for speech and other apparent issues. This will also mean that insurance would cover all the costs again. That would give me a breather on the financial side. But, I will have to wait until next week.

Dan, Janice, and I step out for about 45-minutes to get some yogurt a block further west on Pacific Highway. We eat it in the car. I get some chocolate gelato for Susie to go. We return, and Susie is still in the wheelchair, and we hang out with her at the tables near the nurse’s station. Susie has a few bites of the gelato saving the rest for dinner. We chat for a while, and then Susie gets tired; we say our goodbyes.

Dan gets me home, and I take a nap. I am not back up until after 6PM. Taxes are not getting finished today; I am worn out. Corwin’s boss at the Hawaiian place, Hawaiian Kine Bar-B-Q, made us both Korean-style beef stew for dinner. I have some about 8ish. I also download the movie Becket on my Apple. I started the film, was stunned by the total lack of historical accuracy and bought a book on Becket from a British museum that did a show with artifacts, sort of a history picture book. I then tried to watch and managed to get 1/3 into the movie. Peter O’Tool is excellent, but the chemo impacted me, so I decided to read instead.

I call Kate from Nike, and we chat about Nike IT politics and role-playing games for an hour or more. I sit in the chair with the warm blanket, and it is fun to hear how the shoe company SAP team is fairing in the usual chaos of budgets and turf fights. Someday I will try to DM for Kate’s group, but first Covid-19 fade more, and my chemo has to finish.

I finished the third book in the Old Man’s War series. This book is a page-turner, but I did wish that the very sympathetic main characters had an easy go of it. They are enjoying a retirement that is a second life and raising their adopted daughter. Then they are drafted to save another colony, and then it all goes side-ways. I recommend the series if you like military space opera.

I finish the book about midnight, but sleep does not come until 2AM. Nausea and the chemo burning inside me kept me up.

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