Story 16-17April2022: Birthday and Easter

Sorry, but I was too busy on Easter to write. So this will be a two-day story.

16Apl Michael’s Birthday

Saturday, my 58th birthday, started with many electronic birthday notices. In addition, Facebook was filled with birthday greetings. I was up about 8:30ish as it was my birthday, and I was not ready to get up early. So I made coffee and had a bagel with salmon for breakfast, my birthday gift from New York City, and the Smiths and Jason.

I was trying to rush a bit, but the blog was two hours of work, and I soon ran my usual hours. Lunch was a ham and cheese, and then off to buy groceries.

I picked up the basics at Safeway and some bright flowers for Susie. Most folks, it being Oregon, are politely masked. After shopping, I had to wait for a checker as my cart was close to full, and I would not check myself for that much. Safeway no longer opens extra checkers when there is a line. Instead, they are trying to drive you to the do-it-yourself checking.

I put away the goods and was now fatigued. The anemia makes every task harder. I left to see Susie.

Air Volvo had no issues reaching the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. Susie was in a wheelchair and had not liked lunch very much. But she did love the flowers and was excited to see me.

We called Susie’s mother, Leta, on FaceTime as usual. I took Susie for a spin around the facility, and we even sat outside in the sun for a moment. The place was covered in Easter colors and eggs.

I headed back home directly and soon was resting for a bit. Glenda Hill, Susan’s Aunt who resided in North Carolina, flew out to help. Her flight arrived at PDX at 7PM, slightly delayed.

As it was my birthday and Leta had sent me some money, I went to the gaming store–I had not been back in months due to my chemotherapy. I purchased the game I wished was in my collection, Azul, some type of paints from Army Painter, and some speckled eggs for the boardgame Wingspan.

Dondrea drops off some cupcakes and flowers for me. The cupcakes are stuffed with lemon cream. Thanks!

I rested a bit until 6ish and then headed out to PDX. Air Volvo seems almost to drive itself there, I used to travel a lot, and the trip to PDX was often. As the Airport is still locked down for Covid-19, there is no reason to be early. I get there just about 7, and Glenda’s plane touches down about the same time I had down to find her. I park the car on the top of the parking garage. The view is magnificent, and then I use the tunnel to connect to baggage claim, and I wait in a chair.

We connect without issue; I sit next to the Bigfoot chainsaw art of a bookworm furry creature with glasses–very Portland. We find Glenda’s bags without a problem and head down and then up.

We take Air Volvo back to Beaverton. I would love to stop by a cool place in Portland, but I have Glenda’s luggage in Air Volvo, and I do not want the stuff stolen. I still regret the loss of my Nike laptop and other items the last time someone in Portland smashed my window and raided the car.

We decided on pizza and had a pizza and salad late dinner at the Old Chicago Pizza place. We get a chicken with white garlic sauce with spinach. I was expecting the spinach to be fresh and baked into the cheese, but they dropped a large salad’s worth of greens on the pizza after baking. It was pretty good, but we took a lot home.

Glenda and I both then returned to the Volvo Cave. We managed to get to bed before 11ish, and both slept.

Easter 2022

Glenda and I were up in the early morning and left the house dressed and ready at 7:45ish. Today is Easter, and I am making breakfast for folks at the church. Zophia, a younger person, is coming to help me. Glenda is also willing to do a bit of work. So soon, we have pancakes going. Others have the sausage, all turkey this time, and scrambled eggs with cheese, peppers, and onions. We manage to use up all the food by 10:20, and we are done. I am exhausted, and my feet hurt in new chemotherapy ways, like walking on blisters. But, as usual, it is just another false feeling.

Zophia is excited, and soon we have pancakes with ears and various other forms. She is happy to learn how to grill pancakes.

Church follows, and when I stand for a hymn, I fall back into the pew as I am too dizzy to stand. So I go much slower after that.

We leave and head back to the Volvo Cave to change. After lunch then, we are off to see Susie for Easter.  Before we go, Charlotte Jackson brings over some food, and we partake of some of that and the usual ham and cheese sandwich. Thanks, Charlotte!

We have a kite for Susie with a butterfly design for Easter. We will hang it on the bathroom door. It brightens up the room, as do the flowers from yesterday.

Susie is at the party. It is Easter, and the place is chaos, with kids and family everywhere. There is cake and punch, and we get some; little tiny bites for Susie and a careful sip of the punch. We call Leta, Susie’s mother, and they have a chat.

We take Susie for a spin in the facility and soon head out as Susie’s head is starting to droop, and she wants to rest.

We head home and are there for a bit; I get some rest as I am dizzy a few more times. Glenda and head to the 5:20 showing of Batman, the new movie. I did not know it was three hours long, and we both agreed it could be edited down to two hours, but it was enjoyable, and we both liked it.

We have a late dinner of leftovers, and we soon head to bed. I read for a while and sleep finally after 11ish. I wake up a lot and have a headache at 3ish; sleep comes and goes.

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