Story 18Apl2022: Cleaning and Susie

The morning started with me startled as I had woken at 6 and then stayed in bed until the alarm woke me again. I was staggering as I was up but very tired. I would suffer all day with exhaustion.

Glenda, Susan’s Aunt who is here to help me, was up and going at 6AM, she being a morning person. I then spent 90 minutes writing the two-day blog. I had been too busy on Easter with making pancakes and then seeing Susie to write the blog on Sunday. I then dressed and helped around the house. Glenda cleaned the frig and then folded laundry, and she also organized the living room and did some wash.

After having a lunch of cold items leftover from before and a ham and cheese sandwich for me, we headed to Susie. I drove Air Volvo without events to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Highway, Room 44A. Glenda and I passed the screening and soon found Susie at the table by the nursing station; having finished lunch, I left them to chat with the admin for the facility.

I talked to Dan, the head of the facility, and he was unhappy to learn that my request to get Susie more services was stalled and that I had not been informed of any progress or lack of progress by the facility. He then texted the person working from home, asked them to prioritize my request, and gave them my phone number. Sadly, and this does happen, I received no further update on Monday as possible my phone number was wrong, or there is progress, and they will fill me in Tuesday.

Aside: A week has gone by since my request, and I am a bit frustrated as I will have to pay for more coverage there, but with Covid-19 and the difficulty of getting medical people and the burn-out that is happening, I will not push too hard. I just want what is suitable for Susie and for the facility.

I found Susie and Glenda now in 44A as Susie was lying down now. She and Glenda were chatting and catching up. I got out my iPhone and contacted Susie’s mother, Leta, by FaceTime. Susie and Leta had a chat while I briefed Glenda on the lack of progress at Forest Grove.

Susie was yawning and ready for a nap, so we left her tucked in.

We arrived at the Volvo Cave, and I started to see stars when I stood up, so I rested while Glenda continued to clean and help. Then, after an hour, I got back up and called Bristol Hospice, our former hospice service provider, and the head of social service there, Sarah, sent us an email of possible adult foster care places that she could recommend. We are also considering nursing homes, with Maryville placed at the top of the list.

Glenda continued to organize and clean with some help from Corwin when he got off work. I rested a bit more.

Glenda and I headed out to the German place in Beaverton for dinner. I had a beer, and Glenda tried a glass of white while from Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washinton state. She thought it good, a sauvignon blanc. We shared a fondue with bread and sausage. Glenda had salad, and I tried soup and salad (lentil soup). We both had apple strudel for dessert, which is lovely there.

Glenda was tired, and I was fatigued all day, so that was the close of our day. I read and then went to bed. Glenda was in bed soon.

The azaleas are flowering now. I got all of them with the house back in 1996, making them more than twenty-five years old (I heard they were dug up from the previous mother’s home, transplanted here, and thus could be very old). A few have failed, but most are still going.


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