Story 20April2022: A Good Day

Starting with the essential items, Susie was re-evaluated now; I have to cover that cost for this. Susie will now get more services. I have asked the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center and my insurance, United Health Care, to work together and see if they can get Susie back into the intense rehab program. This program is available at the Forest Grove facility–our original reason for being there. Also, we have selected an adult foster care home for Susie in Tigard, about 9 miles away, that seemed perfect to Glenda, Susie’s Aunt, who is here to help us, and me. Assuming that Susie will pass their intake, we expect she will be moving there sometime in early May. This is about 1/3 cheaper than the nursing home and maybe a comfortable setting for her. And, while not closer, it is on the other side of Beaverton where I often travel and thus seems closer. UHC may cover outpatient services for Susie at the new house. So it was a good day!

Going backward in time, I went to bed after watching the next episode of Moon Knight, which I enjoyed. It was a lost tomb-style adventure with even undead mummies who embalm anyone they catch in the tomb, perfect. A bit scary and then strange; I liked it.

I made scones from a box mix from King Arthur Flour; Glenda wanted a baked good and preferred a scone to cake. It was like old times; I cut the butter into the dry mix using a pastry cutter. Before, I was too weak, and my hands would bruise. No issue, and the scones, Orange Cranberry, were loverly!

After waiting two years, I received the new Kickstarter version of Nemo’s War. I punched the game and put it away. It is a solo game, and I hope to find some time to try it out in the next few days.

Dinner happened before this; I made it from the Blue Apron kit we got. We had ordered 2-person sizing, so Corwin just got a taste (he had already eaten anyway). I made Hoisin Pork and Spicy Rice for dinner. We made it less spice, and it was good.

I forgot to pick up my prescriptions. I am still good for a day.

Before I took a short break, we drove out to Goodwill with all the books and bags of clothing. There is less stuff in the house now. I also moved some underplayed or less well-received games to the garage shelves.

We left for Forest Grove before this, Glenda having cleaned some more of the kitchen and organized a few more things in the morning. We managed the Covid-19 screening at 3900 Pacific Highway and soon were in Susie’s room 44A. Susie was in bed, and Terry, Susie’s roommate, said that Susie did great on the evaluations and would be coming off of pureed foods, excellent! Susie was clearly more tired from all the activity, and we made it a short visit.

Before this, we continued to munch the leftovers for lunch. Then, Glenda cleaned up the house, and I wrote the blog and got ready. I again started at 6:30AM. Sleep was still broken the night before, but I was not exhausted. I was only dizzy a few times all day, better!

On the garden side of things, our apple tree is blooming. This is the one that fell and is now a trunk resting on the ground, with the branches now being sort of the new trunk.

The climbing roses, Wedgwood by David Austin, we planted this year are starting off well.

One of my roses, Cardinal Richelieu, is still stressed. However, the rest of the roses look happy and ready to flower in the next few weeks.

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