Story 24April2022: Sunday Busy

Going backward, I went to bed early and read for a bit. I was freezing again, which seemed to happen when I was tired. I was asleep by midnight.

Before this, I relaxed under my electric blanket in the living room. I had tried to watch the movie version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe movie, but it was just as terrible as I remembered it, and I turned it off. It was recommended by my Amazon access to cable.

Glenda, Susie’s Aunt for North Carolina, made dinner of scalloped potatoes with ham using the ham leftover from yesterday. We opened a can of my favorite peaches for dessert, but the product inside was not as good as last time, Freestone peaches. I might not buy them anymore, sad; these used to be the best-canned peaches I ever had.

Before dinner, and while it was still sunny and warm, Corwin placed potting soil under all the roses and the rhododendron. I had already done some fertilizer. Unfortunately, two roses bushes are still showing stress, and I hope this will help.

While Corwin did the potting soil, I grabbed a grass seed bag and covered a spot where the apple tree had fallen and killed the lawn. My lawn service was happily edging it now and ignoring it, so I seeded it and removed an old weather station that was also being edged nicely, to my frustration, and dowsed the area with grass seed. I would prefer more grass than dirt.

Before this, Glenda and I were out shopping. We bought a new microwave at Best Buy, selecting a small footprint LG machine. We are pretty happy with the new machine, having used it for making dinner and heating beverages. Reading the manual, Glenda discovered that it includes an Internet-of-Things connection to check its health, which is very nice.

I passed on the larger footprint but the more helpful combination of the toaster oven and microwave available. Some can work with subscription food service to make easy-to-make meals avoiding the GrubHub higher costs for those too busy, ill, or needing more control on their intake.

Before this, we stopped by Ace Hardware to get some gardening stuff. I got the bag of potting soil (used up by Corwin) and lawn seed while Glenda got some work gloves. Glenda picked up this bill. Thanks!

After that, we stopped by Safeway and picked up potatoes for dinner and just a few other items. Aws, a friend of mine was working the DIY checkout and waved.

Before the shopping, we traveled to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A in Air Volvo. I have started to avoid the turn from Pacific Highway and instead use the back entrance by turning at the light before the entrance on Pacific Highway. I just fly by the Adventist church, take a right into the local neighborhood, and the back entrance connects to the road. There is no traffic and no risk, but one needs to watch for cars pulling out as the parked cars sometimes block your view.

Susie was in bed when we got to her. But, again, the staff had not gotten Susie up that day. Terry, Susie’s roommate, suggested the facility was too short-staffed to handle Susie. And the staff seemed to be running around a lot, and Pre, the rehab nurse, was running the other wing on Sunday.

Glenda and Susie chatted and then contacted Leta by my iPhone using FaceTime while I wandered and talked to the admin. I wanted them to get a copy of the letter that Susie is moving and updating her DNR information with no changes. Also, Susie finally got her third vaccine for Covid-19, and thus I wanted her VAX card updates. This took some time as everyone was busy on a Sunday early afternoon.

Aside (slight rant): I have asked about the vaccine for months. Finally, Susie got her third shot. I am headed for number four next week (being two weeks out of chemotherapy). Why the home had not done shots earlier is a mystery to me.

Glenda and I decided to have Susie moved to the wheelchair as it was a lovely day, and Susie could use an outing. So the nurse aid got her dressed and in the chair, and Glenda pushed Susie. Off to Pink Spoon for frozen yogurt and other treats!

It is about a block away, a New York City-sized block, but still doable. We found the place busy, and we were the only folks with masks, but, it being a sunny day, nobody stayed inside for long, so I felt safe there. We got there three sets of goodies. We helped Susie between bites of our own frozen goodness; Susie ate about 1/3 of her frozen yogurt. We took one to go for Terry and packed Susie’s remaining goodie for later. When we returned, the nurse aids took Susie’s frozen treat and put it in the freezer for later. I gave Terry the gelato I got for her.

We left Susie in her wheelchair with a kiss and a hug; she did ask to go home–always heartbreaking to hear that, and we told her she would be staying. She was okay with that. The nurses would follow her directions if she wanted to stay up in the chair until dinner in a few hours or rest. I asked them to ask her and follow her directive–they were short-staffed so I needed to be a bit more directive.

Before this, we were at church. We had a guest laity preacher, and Carston also played the clarinet and did one song. So we were there on time, and everyone was happy to see us. We did stop at the Volvo Cave to change after church.

Moving to the morning, I wrote the blog, and Glenda started unloading my big bookcase. I was sleeping into 7AM, and Glenda was still rising with the sun. I had some breakfast and coffee. Lunch was some ham and leftovers.

Aside: Susie will move to Allegiance Senior Care at 9925 SW 82nd Street, just inside Portland mailing, but it is really Tigard in May.


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