Story 23April2022: Tired Saturday

I started the day with my alarm waking me. I was not awake before the alarm, so I slept through the night and got a decent sleep. I was fatigued, but I shook that off and started my day. Glenda, Susie’s Aunt from North Carolina, was up with the sunrise, about 6ish. I used to wake up with the first light, but now I sleep through it.

Glenda cleaned up more of the kitchen while I wrote the blog and had breakfast. I had one of the scones we made a few days ago. I will have to make some more soon.

Once the blog was finished, I got showered and dressed, and though I was fatigued, I did not have to rest after all that. I later saw stars and had to lie down for the early evening; in the morning, I was doing fine.

We drove Air Volvo to the new place for Susie that Glenda and I had selected. We cross Beaverton and take Hall Street to avoid 217 (often choked with traffic to reach US 5 and Lake Oswego). Soon we arrived at Allegiance Senior Care at 9925 SW 82nd Street, just inside Portland mailing but is really Tigard. We meet Michelle, the owner, and go over Susie’s medical history and provide some insight into Susie and her condition. I sign the forms and pay the initial $1000 by check. All of this is post-dated to the first of May. Michelle will visit Susie next week and work with her staff to create a care plan for Susie.

We wanted to lock this in for May; this was our first choice, but the facility is not close to home. Without traffic, it is about 30 minutes to trip across Beaverton to get there. I will make it work.

Glenda and I then headed back to the house; I forgot my phone!

We headed to see Susie at Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. We managed the new electronic check-in system, with both workings to do it right today. Susie was still in bed and had not been up that morning. That was unusual, and it appeared the home was short-staffed again on the weekend, or Susie told them to let her sleep. She will not remember that.

We had a pleasant visit with Susie, and we called Susie’s mother, Leta, on my iPhone via FaceTime. So we had a nice visit with Susie. Susie was sleepy, so we left after the second yawn. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a pic.

Next, we contacted Mariah, a friend of mine and a writer and photographer, for lunch. After a few texts, we settle on The Black Dog in Forest Grove for lunch. At the Grand Lodge–our previously agreed to lunch location, Glenda and I take Air Volvo west on the Pacific Highway and then turn east to get to the food joint. Pacific Highway splits into separate one-way streets two blocks apart, and so you have to do some switch-backs to reach some places on the highway.

We arrive, and Mariah, expecting us to take more time, is rushed to walk over from her apartment in Forest Grove. I have 1/2 of a Ruben sandwich and a light-ish beer–I boxed the other half of the sandwich. A burger for Mariah and the daily special for Glenda, battered fish sliders. All of it was good. We soon depart for home.

I am very fatigued now from the driving and rest and have to rest a bit. So Glenda and I decided to make the ham I bought last week for dinner. Glenda disagrees with my plan of cooking the ham in a glass dish, but we make it work. We cook the ham for two hours at 275F.

While the ham is cooking, we make a short trip to Safeway to get groceries. We are not the only folks masked, and everyone is still practicing social distancing from what I saw. Safeway now offers a Do-It-Yourself checkout and refuses for a while to open more checking as the lines for the two checkers were now five deep. Finally, they relent and open more checking, and we get Aws as our checker.

Aws is about my age and from Iraq and speaks excellent English–I assume he is a refuge, but I never ask. We became friends as I wished him well for Ramadan years ago and asked if he was doing OK. He was a newish checker then, and the lifting and bagging were clearly hard on him without food and much water during Ramadan, but he took it with grace. We have been friends ever since. We missed each other during the lockdown as I ordered groceries online, but we are happy to have survived and glad to see each other now. I look for him when I am checking out at Safeway.

We got a few items back to the house, and Glenda made a salad and sweet potatoes for dinner. We had dinner, and Corwin joined us. I was dizzier and fatigued.

I went to read and lie down and fell asleep and was freezing again. I could not get going as I saw stars and was dizzy, so I slept more. I did not get to putting away much more–my game stuff is in piles ready to be shelved, and Glenda read and went to bed. I was in bed at about 10:30 and was asleep before midnight.


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