Story 22April2022: Friday

I awoke to my alarm having slept through the evening, falling asleep after reading a few pages. I then managed to get going and make coffee and start the blog. Glenda, Susie’s Aunt who came from North Carolina to help, was already up. So I spent the early morning writing. my breakfast was a chocolate croissant that Glenda defrosted and baked and coffee.

Glenda continued to clean the frig and organize the kitchen. She also got out the loppers and removed a few dead bushes. I, meanwhile, finished the blog, published it on WordPress, and then took a shower and dressed.

Aside: According to the stats from WordPress, about 50 people read the blog everyday. Thank you all!

I was tired this Friday, and the dizziness was back. I had overdone it on Thursday and was fatigued. So Glenda and I decided to make it a slower day and visit Susie and then just hang out at the house.

We took Air Volvo to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44a. While crossing the city of Cornelius to reach the facility, I braked for one stoplight with a bit of abruptness, and a pick-up truck madly swung around Air Volvo at the intersection, ran the light, and sped off without losing too much speed (we were also in a school zone!). I am sure I will not miss the passive-aggressive commuters when we move Susie to Beaverton-Tigard in a few weeks.

After mastering the new unmanned entrance machine, we found Susie in her room. She and her roommate, Terry, were awake. Susie was delighted to see Gleda and me. We brightened the room with a set of tulips from the Tulip Festival that we picked up yesterday.

We called Leta, Susie’s mother, and Susie and she chatted for a while on my iPhone using FaceTime. Glenda stayed and was included in the chat. While that was going on, I checked in with the admin. Susie is approved for rehab, yeah! It will start on Monday. I may still be paying for the room: I would have to check with accounts payable later.

After Susie started to yawn, we left the usual signal that Susie needed a nap. Glenda slept in the car on the way back. Once home, I rested and slept until 5:30.

I made a simple dinner of angel hair pasta with sauce from a jar, Paul Newman’s, with browned ground beef. Glenda made a salad to go with it. Glenda then did the dishes.

I did watch about 1/3 of the news on PBS, The News Hour. However, I turned it off when the discussion changed to politics. Politics in France or the USA are not that interesting to me.

After organizing the board games to be on shelves or at least not on the floor, I tried again to repair my old Apple computer. No, go. It is dead. The cool Other World Computing (OWC) 2TB $350+ drive will not work as it needs a boot from a higher version of the OS to be used. This creates an impossible problem as you need to upgrade to get there, but you can’t upgrade as you have to install the OS first on the drive as it requires a higher OS to work. So I would need to create an OS boot on a USB stick with a higher version of the OS and hope it would boot and then use it to bring the new drive to life. Or buy a used Apple SSD from eBay and see if that will work. All to get back my fav Apple which is no longer supported by Apple. Sorry to say that I will recycle my old fav Apple instead.

Next, I spent hours finding an external drive holder for the SSD I pulled out of the old Apple, but SSD has moved to P12 format. I was hoping to use the SSD for an external drive, but there is no new external drives holder for the older format SSD available at OWC. Thus the SSD is useless too. Apparently, Apple used a non-standard hardware interface, and OWC also did the same. Ugly.

I chatted with Glenda for a while and then went off to bed. I got up for a bit and started the new Doctor Who season with the episode on the Sea Devils. I only watch part of it. The acting and writing were a bit off–more on that when I see the whole thing.

I went back to bed and fell asleep before midnight.




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