Story 1May2022: Sunday before return to work

I started the day a bit later, I was up late playing games in Portland on Saturday, and the morning came too soon. I rushed and finished the blog and breakfast before 9:20. A record writing speed. I then managed to do the 10:30 church service.

The service was a bit chaotic as we had communion, which always is confusing. Today we fell into old habits that we should avoid when Covid-19 is still burning. But, next time, we will get it right. I served communion to folks in the pews once we fell into old habits.

Next weekend is Mother’s Day, and I have to cook pancakes with Zophia and the Methodist Men. It seemed that Mother’s Day was far away, and now it is next Sunday. Oh my!

After leaving the church, I stopped by the Volvo Cave to change out of my tie and white shirt. Unfortunately, I forgot the flowers I bought at WholeFoods for Susie but remembered the computer. So I traveled directly to Forest Grove as I might have lunch later with Mariah.

The Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center, I got there, and Susie was having lunch. She finished about 1/3 of her meal. She had cuts on her face from her glasses. I usually see these cuts from Susie falling and forcing her head into her eyeglasses. I checked with the nurse, and they said there was no record of a fall. I am concerned, but there is no bruising, so I am unsure how Susie cut her face with her glasses. Maybe she slept in them.

I pointed out the cuts and the previous unexplained cut on Susie’s head which is mostly healed now. The nurses will keep an eye on the cuts and on Susie.

I forgot to take a pic as I was distracted by the tiny wounds.

We called into a Zoom meeting but had a weak connection. Susie got to see a few church folks. I try to make the after church Zoom meetings and brought the laptop so we could connect. Again, the poor connection made it a short meeting for us.

Susie did get to talk to her mother on my iPhone. They had a friendly chat for about twenty minutes, but Susie got tired.

I kissed Susie goodbye after I took her to her room. I asked the nurse aides to help Susie get back to bed to rest. I kissed her one more time and left.

The trip back was uneventful, but a few cars decided that we were on a race track. I ignored them and went at a safe speed, and changed lanes with care. Then, Mariah contacted me, and lunch was off.

I decided on a taco salad for lunch now that I was eating by myself. I forgot that Wendy’s, not Taco Bell has a taco salad. So I got some genuinely terrible food from Taco Bell instead of having the salad I wanted. I listened to OPB public radio while parked and eating. The recipe for the food I ordered had been changed and was made with artificial cheese sauce instead of heated shred cheese as before–ugh. Never again!

I got home regretting lunch and took a short break. I was getting tired. I read and slept a bit.

I got up and had some fresh artisan bread with low sugar jam for a snack. I was not ready for dinner after the food from Taco Bell.

I took Air Volvo to the other side of Beaverton to play Dungeons and Dragons. I got to enjoy the usually failed rolls and some successful ones. I play a drunken monk, and we advanced to the fourth level, so I have all the starter powers of the class. So I staggered through combat, now getting bonuses to disengage and move faster with my drunken attacks. But, I did manage to miss almost every saving throw (apparently my monk was more drunk than usual) and thus was charmed by the forest creatures and then held motionless by spells from my own players! While so frozen, I was able to play a mushroom non-playing character, yes, a singing and dancing mushroom that reminded me of something from Frozen, and the mushroom made all of its rolls! It was a fun night of gaming.

Aside: If you can revel in your failed rolls in Dungeons and Dragons, it is so much more fun. Yes, I failed all my rolls when the dragon shot down the air balloon, but I managed to crash it perfectly and took no damage.

I am now exhausted, and it is hard to write, but I have to write this at the end of the day with me back to work. So sorry if it seems rushed tonight. I am exhausted.

Thanks for reading and I hope I can keep up the writing with my return to work on Monday.

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